The Tiger Sons

by Model Minority

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We are:
D-One -
Grand Master Chu -
Inglish -


released 30 June 2011

Art direction: Justin Weber.

INVISIBLE PEOPLE music video produced, directed, and edited by Model Minority and Angela Yu.

Camera work by Carlos Escoto and Yang Wang.

Thanks to God, our families, the Akufuncture fam, Jessika Zeux, Victor Cheng, Angela, Carlos, Expression college for digital art, the Twitter/Facebook/Youtube followers, J9, Ayyye..D!, Sbazzo, Hannah Magee, Melloe, Yelei Xiao, and the Model Minority fam.

Thanks to all the model minorities out there. Thanks to all the stereotype-defiers out there.

Thanks to all the haters. And most of all, thanks to all the lovers.




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Track Name: Battle Hymn of the Tiger Sons
Hey mom, thank you for all you've done
Hey dad, I wish I was a better son
You raised us up, you held us up / You raised us up, you held us up
Thank you for all you gave us, thank thank you for all you gave up

Verse 1 - Andrew
There's a thousand ways to raise a kid
A thousand meanings of success
Let them go, lock them down
Shut them in during recess
Don't explain the birds and the bees
Don't let them smoke, even worse is the trees
Having girlfriends in the third grade always seemed kind of early to me
It's hard as an immigrant, because they don't get this
If you don't understand the culture, maybe it's best to shelter the kids
But it doesn't matter the technique, it's all the execution
As long as your kids act bad, there is retribution
Talk about the tiger mom, like there ain't a tiger dad
He is more like a lion, dinner's ready when he's back
Take that belt to open palm, smack your butt when you're acting bad
That's probably why Asians generally have no...
Amy Chua, Amy Tan, I think they're down for the Asian man
Shout out to Maxine Kingston, RIP to Iris Chang
It's just being a different way, that's the PC thing to say
Tiger mom and lion dad, as a team, they run this game


Verse 2 - David
1 in the air for the mom who's fair
2 in the air for the disappointed glare
3 in the air for a perfect GPA
4 in the air for parents who care
Not just bout some test scores, homework in the desk drawer
Studying's important, but try knocking on the next door
Ask your child what is happening
Ask your child why they're happy
Figure out why they're crying
Figure out why they're laughing
Mothers came as immigrants, they can be so militant
They forced us into instruments, and then we lose our innocence
But even though we feel guilt, we always end up real skilled
Guess that's just the pros and cons of being raised by tiger moms
Guess that makes us tiger cubs, come and join the tiger club
If you are a member then, go and put your lighters up


Verse 3 - jason
I read the interviews, and I saw it in the news
And I read the book report, seems like people got confused
One Chinese mother raised her kids in a certain way
Now they think that every Asian child is a burdened slave
Yes, my parents had particular demands
But they never gave me trouble that I couldn't understand
Went to church Sunday mornin, khakis and a red polo
Went to school Monday mornin, khakis and a blue polo
I know everything they did in my best interests
They kept me studying and kept me off the internets
All my friends had dreamcast or playstation
Me, I brought a TI 83 on vacation
But all along, it was done for my good
So I could still complain, but I grew like I should
Thank you mom and dad for raising me right
And thank you to the two of you for giving me your lives

Track Name: Twitter Girl
Does she have a cute personality and profile picture? Do you reply to her tweets and she replies back? Social media got ya feelin like you might get with her? She's a twitter girl she's a twitter girl she's a twitter girl, yeah

It started with a retweet from one of her followers,
that's the first time i saw her
Then I checked out her profile, decided to stalk her,
she got opinions and uses blogger!
I know a lot about the secrets of that photoshop
and all those low quality pictures
But from what I know is if I ever met her
I be able to get with herrr
Yeah, she's born in 84 that's a little older.....
Maybe she has a little sister...
If not, I just gotta make my tweets more mature...
and my rhymes a little sickerrr
See, i gotta be clever, gotta be witty,
I can't let her see my grammar is s*****
Cuz I'm going after that girl that I met on twitter....

Wow she’s so pretty, quotes are so witty
All her hipster observations are so silly
Cuz I like Mr. Freeze Its better than otterpops
And I also totally wish I was an autobot
Myspace to Facebook, Linked In to Tumblr
I even read her Yelp review I’mma sucker
And in my heart I know I’m not a stalker
But I guess I do jock her, blogger
She’s my Twitter girl, queen of my Twitter world
She loves blog rap Wiz Khalifa, Spitta girl
I peeped her profile, girl ya pics are so wild
But man, she lives all the way down in SoCal
And I’m up in the Bay, with nothing to say
Since all this distance is stuck in the way...

Grand Master Chu
Then I thought I'd say hey, and try my luck
So I hit her with a DM, sayin' what's up
Waited on my iPhone refreshin' it
Nervous as I'm checkin my personal messages
Didn't wanna make her feel too nervous
Not gonna Facebook friend her too early
On the surface I'm tryna be cool
But I'm really just hopin that she hits me soon
Awww man, she got me with a retweet!
Said my new song has a pretty good beat
Now I'm sendin her twitpics daily
Tryna stay calm but I think that I'm failing
So we've got a friendship online
Built one hundred forty characters at a time
This weekend, we got a big show
I hit her on twitter and invited her to go aand...
Track Name: Fast (Food) Love
CHORUS starts :08 X2

Yeah you look so good and I know why
Cuz We'll mess around but u leave my wallet dry
And I waant you girl, but here's the truth
You're no good for me, you're like some fast food

Yo this girl was so bomb, she belonged on the Food Channel
She was the jumbo Jack in a room full of White Castles,
Nice buns, juicy and everything, but she cost my health so much
If i had her everyday, my pockets would not be enough
My wallet would thin out, cuz she always want the nicest things
never down for a simple meal, like a little rice and beans
My money is my health and you're eating em all up
Spendin money to make u happy got my arteries clogged up
You're In n Out delux, chocolate shake u make me fatter
you some filet o fish , Whopper KFC Snacker
Everytime we kick it, it's a boost in my cholesterol
You seen that movie Super Size Me? You're an extra large
With a side of fries, I'm staring at the menu trying to decide
Between the long term choice or what makes me feel good inside
I could have the side salad, fruit parfait, or the Wendys Chili
Or I could have you, d*** I bet this sounds real silly.....

Girl you leave my wallet empty
Every day you come and tempt me
I know that you are bad for me
You're like food with high calories
Girl, do you get all the details?
You say you give free refills
But you always givin' me the chills
Just to be with you I need pills
See you when you come around
Went there once, let's Double Down
.Let's read between the fine lines
.Like eating fries at Five Guys
Started on the dollar menu
Now you need every cent I send you
Let's get a little Friendly
Tell me, what's your name - is it Wendy?
Happy Meals, fast food bling
Onions are fast food rings
You are my fast food fling
And girl I am the fast food king
Track Name: Going Crazy (Kpop Cover ft. Melloe)
Intro dialogue
[M] Baby, they want to sign me... they want me to leave next week
[F] Next week? What do you mean?
[M] They want to get me in the studio, they want to put me on TV
[F] What about our plans? My parents are coming next week
[M] ...Honey... I'm not sure, I mean...
[F] What do you mean? Babe... What's going to happen? to us?

My whole life I just wanted to get signed
To a record deal, never thought I would find
The opportunity exists only if I would fly
Back to Asia, gotta say all my goodbyes
But I also never thought that I’d find
A girl so special that she could change my mind
You came into my life, changed into my wife
And now you’ve become the sole victim of my hype
This is the definition of bittersweet
I couldn’t even post it on my Twitter feed
We could Skype, but it wouldn’t be fair to you
This is life, and I wouldn’t be there for you
I’ve packed my bags, en booked my flight
Close the final chapter of the book we write
But you’ll be on my mind every hook we write
Every moment thinkin on our would-be life

What are we going to do?
Love is just this simple - it's me and you
But this life we've built could fly away
If you pack your bags and board that plane
I know you've dreamt of your chance to go
But if you do, you can't come back home

I dreamt about the stories of the glory that was real
I was told fame and fortune were a drug inside a pill
And life was a rave so I wanted to just take it
But since I met you I don't know if I can make it
I wanna make this thing we got going on
The the only thing I want to rap about in my songs
There's the pros and cons, but baby I did the math
Me and you, we don't equal two, it's a fact
We equal everything in the world I don't wanna lose
The sum of you equals all of them it's the truth
It's so beautiful, How can I leave it behind?
Yea, it's something that I gotta decline,
So nevermind what I thought I wanted before
It sounds corny, but I just wanna be yours
Cuz when the fame fades and there's no more fake friends
Relationships the only thing you got in the end

GMC [23]
I don't know what to do,
Life, it's not that simple, I love you
But it's not easy, you don't believe me

If I chase my dreams
Then I grow uneasy
Cuz I see the shadows
out where they lead me, in a distant dream
And I sign my name up on the page
And they play my songs up on the stage
And you see my face in the newspaper
and it's changed....

can we
try to be
The same as we are now
If I go it'll all be different
bit by bit, day by day, these things will change
everything will change
Track Name: Freaks & Geeks
[D-One] 0:22
D-One is a mastermind, Baseball's just a past-a-time
In demand, graphic design sorry but I do decline
Any invitation there are many imitations
But I refuse to heed even healthy limitations
That means way beyond the boundaries
Way beyond the counties, invading a new country
Better call the mounties
Bullwinkle, they can’t do s*** for ya dunny
Just share, I can’t do shit for you Sonny
You’re just an asterisk, nothin but a marker
You stay getting conned homie, you know Kemba Walker
Guess you got some Butler raps, now you gettin served
Shorty gimme b**** & you barely gettin nerve
YouTube love they always click subscribe
I love every chick alive, so she can get a ride
Clapping now clapping now, let that beat start clapping now
March, April, May-weather hit it just like Pacquiao
Hip-hop or comedy guess I’m back to rappin now
At the Improv, do my set, got em all laughin now
Acting out like I didn’t know better, go-getter
If I like a girl then I make sure I go get her
Mo betta, yeah I said it mo betta
Damn these crackers need a me bold cheddar
It’s racial but they will claim colorblind
In bold letters, italicized and underlined
Wunderkind never will be undermined
You can write ya name but always it is under mine
Relocated from Seattle like the Thunder I’m
Way beyond any fake blog Tumblr grind

I don't even wanna say look at me now
As if my desert boots turned into clouds,
They say we're clowns
U think we drove all the way down here to f*** around?
If doors aint open for us then we'll bust em down
And people are like opinions they're all a*******
They should wear Charmin not Neiman Marcus bathrobes
I will trade success for some bad clothes
when I discuss ideas I'm only talking macro
Still got seattle in me so I wanna act indie
Some hold up their middle finger but I just hold up my pinky
And say give me 1 million dollars,
But I won't be a doctor sorry to my father
This is my own life, carry on my own plight
There is no shot clock so this could take no time
Or it could take a decade, even if I'm best behaved
I won't get a girl that only dates withn the NBA
A year ago I thought that I might get an MBA
But chasing my dreams has become the only way
since I graduated burned up all my scantrons
I tell stuck up girls "stop being such a tampon"
And they tell me "boy, go and keep ya pants on"
Cuz until you are the s***, then better keep the fan on
Oh that means you smell it? I guess we need some Glades
I'm too honest of a person to ever be afraid

[Grand Master]
Grab the beat by its esophagus and hold on til Apocalypse
I'm one part Tupacalypse and one part Rod Blagojevich
Climbin in the cockpit like a mosh pit and they lockin lips
The airplane goin down while the pilots tryna park that s***
We clockin' sicker figures they ain't never seen before
To describe how high we are you cannot use a metaphor
Newton invented calculus to chart our flows
Only scientific notation can mark our growth
On this track I was thinkin' of The Next Generation
Not Jean Luc Picard but Degrassi imitations
I was doin' Basquiat but they had me go pop
Andy Warhol the track til my fifteen minutes stop
I'm a beast in this mode on the beats with the flow
Turn the temperature down to like fifty below
The particular lyrics i'm pickin don't even matter
When the double time rumbles little minds get shattered//
I can work within the pattern, even leave space-time
Zelda Fitzgerald the track, and lose my mind
Merchant of Venice meetin' Menace to Society
Pennin the letters invented with venom inside of me//
I don't need to buzz a lot, I just let my sting speak
Now they waitin on me like they're expectin the King's Speech
Feelin real grateful towards Tyra Banks
From America's next top model minority, thanks!
Track Name: Invisible People (Where'd You Go?)
Andrew Fung:
This is our history, still is a mystery
Damn, us Asian Americans are so finicky
Can we get 1 day in AP US history class?
I'm tired of this textbook and kissin its ass
Students oughta know somethin about us just to pass
80 percent go on to higher ed, yeah, that's a fact
With youtube, we know we can feel cool
but nothing has changed from what we learn in high school
If it weren't for that college elective that i took
I wouldn't know but what laid in my text book
We're more than opium wars and exclusions
More than pearl harbor, more than internments
In an odd place between cultures and races
How can we define this second generation?
In Asia, I'm American, in America i'm Asian
I stare into the mirror and see two faces why?

jason chu
Starin at their pictures, I'm pickin up my pen
I envision the struggles that my parents landed in
Prisons that held them in, cultures they didn't understand
But they fought to make a home and assimilated in
Didn't always know the words, but the dream was clear
In a land of freedom, they made a family here
,It wasn't always easy but they persevered
And by the day I appeared, they had worked for years//
Pain, struggle, and tears, storms finally made clear
Because my generation grew up without fear
Of wars and conflicts tearing homes apart
But now it's our turn to step up and take part
School boards and printers, they approved the choice
Of textbooks in which their stories have no voice
Thank you for fightin so that I was raised up
Now I'm gonna speak up and raise your names up
And I think it's messed up, you're Americans too
Everyone immigrated just like you, too
It's not fair the way that my parents are viewed
Now I'm fighting so you don't vanish into the blue, singin

David Fung
Labeled a foreigner in my own land
The place of my birth, I'll die here as a old man
On a bed in a house that I built with my own hands
Feeling blessed just cuz I can own land
Damn, why is my history displaced
In textbooks, why is it you never see my face?
Guess we’re all Chinese, never know my race
Growing up it’s like I could never see my place
But there’s progress, thought I’d never see the day
There’d be a black President, ascendant of the slaves
So my Asians I guess we waiting for our chance
For the American consciousness to invite us to dance
But we can’t hold our breathe so I’m in my fighting stance
Cuz we need to be proactive to stand a fighting chance
Let our ancestors be fairly represented
Should our contributions shine effervescent
Track Name: Vincent Chin.
OK, let's go back to the summer of '82
It's a warm night, in the middle of June
Downtown Detroit, Motor City
Recession time, not lookin pretty
.In a town built on automobiles
Companies pulled out as the tensions built
Chrysler, Chevy, Ford and them
Hurt most were the working men
But in the darkness, a few highlights
.Vincent Chin was a regular guy
Twenty SEVEN years old, with a regular life
Looking forward to his wedding night

Born in Canton, moved with his parents
Work as a draftsman, and anticipatin marriage
Called his best friends and they went to party
This one night would change their country//
Other side of town, a man and stepson
Left a dingy little house, went out to have fun
Forgettin' their troubles, the night was young
Headed to a club and started getting drunk
Track Name: Suburban Asian Rapper (Juicy Remix ft. Hannah Magee)
This song is dedicated to all those people that told us
we couldn't rap, to all the people who laughed at us in school,
that said asian rappers was a gimmick, a joke
when we were just trying to be ourselves and make music,
and to all the other cats just tryna make it, you know what I'm sayin?

yea, baby, baby

It was all a dream / I used to watch MTV
Jay-Z and Eminem up on the small screen
Stack of CD's on my wall/
Listenin to Wu-Tang, Nas, Kanye 'n 'em all
I wrote my lil' songs, then I spit em to my pops
Never smoked indo, good kid that couldn't stop
Way back, when I rocked the high school talent show
And I got props for flow
I never thought that I would see another rapper that's Chinese
but now they're givin platinum plaques to Far East
.A day I never thought I'd see,
When maybe my color of skin wouldn't be workin against me
They act polite but I know how they really feel
They hear an Asian kid from Yale's tryna make a deal
I'm blowin up when they never thought I would
Facebook and Youtube comments like I should
So I laugh like it's really all good...
And it's jus' all good..

Uh, yeah, and if you don't know, now you know, huh

[Chorus:] 1:09
You know very well who you are
Don't let em hold you down, reach for the stars
You had a goal, and now it's coming
and you're the chosen ones; you'll be on top of this thing
Track Name: Friday Night
It's Friday niiiiight
It's Friday night x2
STarcraft, warcraft, DnD
Homework, cram class, PS3
Tutor my sister, she makes those A's
Help the family and get those grades

Friday night, it's not time to play
I gotta get my work up and make those grades
On the weekends, I hustled in a major way
Because AP tests comin' April, May
Thanks to my family who paved the way
Mom and dad workin' hard just to save the day
Eatin' dinner together, no room for waste
Always use plastic, no paper plates
Some go out and drink from the kegs
I'd rather stay home and be gamin instead
Emulation PC, Final Fantasy III
Not gettin' high, nah, I'm playing RPG's
Or hangin' out with my church youth group
Watchin' movies that's family friendly to boot
But I gotta get back early anyway
I gotta get up for math league on Saturday


[D-One] 1:42
Mail-in rebates for my Seagate
National Forensics League, call it debate
Friday find me all up on that eBay
Change the Winamp skins that’s my DJ
Streaming early episodes of South Park
Blue jawbreakers turned my mouth dark
Everyone was out riding go-karts
While we were studying so hard
Our scores too high plus you’re too high
You want A’s but you’re too fly
To ever spend a Friday night at home
Don’t need Ark Music to write this song
I spent a lot of my teenage life at home
Back when all the tight kids were chasin dome
Back when Abercrombie said white my wongs
We’ll wait for the future to right these wrongs


On Friday night I do all right
I do my thing, I ride my bike
To Days of Knights, I pay that price
Winning Magic the Gathering is what I do right

Friday night, we doing it big
We ain't that poor, but we ain't that rich
I'd always play ball with the neighborhood kids
till it got dark, then we hadda go in
Sweaty and tired, causin a riot
stayin up late watching Conan O Brien
then after high school always had practice
Track and field made me think i had asthma
I just wanted to rest my legs
cuz saturday morning i had SAT tests
Never drank anyting til I hit college
Freshmen year man you gotta all party
little bit crazy me but nothing compared
To the dudes iknew in fraternities there
But when I did party, I partied right
I was the host of every club night
Of every event, I got to performing
rapping and crackin the jokes wasn't boring
The best nights were spent on a mic
recording a song or on stage with the lights
We so exciiited, like rebecca black iss
Model Minority is on the track kidddd
Track Name: Look at Me Now / Xian Kan Kan Wo (Chinese Remix)
Wǒ bù zhīdào nǐ zěnme néng Cóng ju le bu de waimian hen
Nǐ shènzhì bùnéng jìnqù
zou ba ! le-gou!

Huángse shízhuāng mótè
Huángsè píngzi hē
Huángsè lán bó jīní
Huángsè dǐng meiyou
yeah yeah
Nǐ yǐwéi nǐ you ling qian
Wo yǐjīng dédào le zai liǎng tiān
Nǚrén ài wǒ
Zuò wǒ de Cool J
Wǒ kànjiàn tā de liǎn, jiu shi zen me mei
Wǒ che shì lǜsè, xiàng rè chá
Ménkou kāi xiàng hòu, zìshā

Ni hao ni hao that's how it all starts out
Until I try to speak a dialect then they say it's buhao
buhao buhao Go and let the truth out,
I know a lot dirty words, let me bring the broom out
Grew up learning cantonese, spoke very little mandar-iiin
Now my chinese is so bad people insist that i"m korean
Like no Chinese person in history should ever be this bad
with Rosetta Stone and Google translate I'm tryna fix that
Been rapping for years, yea first started in 01'
Nǐ shì piāo liàng nǐ yīnggāi jiào wǒ zhōngwen
Ya'll wanna think that we're no fun, well believe that is so dumb
I spit that fire so gimme some sticks of spearmint I need a little bit mo gum
when I drink my tea at dimsum I always say ho yum
i know you like noodles but why ya girl is flat like hawfun
That was cantonese, my hong kong roots must be comin out
Doors are open for us but time is ain't running out

Grand Master Chu
Yea, uh
xian kan kan wo, ha
Xian Kan kan wo, ha
Ni bu gei wo mianzi
Na ni jiu zuo cuo
[Ni bu gei wo mianzi]
[Na ni jiu zuo cuo]

Wu3 si4 yun4dong4 like I'm tryna start a movement
Speakin Chinese like a second year student
When I'm in the battle I can always come correct
Got that Wu3shu1 gong1fu4 hittin evry step//
When my voice is on the track you know it's time to go
Ni3 yi1 ting1 wo3 de sheng1yin1 ni zhi1dao1 ni3 dei2 zou3 le

Got my rhymes stacked with the pages in the folders
Like it's Chinese school and I'm tryna fill my quota//
I'm buzzin up on the beat all my cousins you move ya feet
Cong wo biao3mei4 dao wo biao3di4 hey
Got em speaking Cantonese when we rockin up in the street
Got em speakin in Mandarin when we ready to get it in//
Gong1xi3 fa1cai1 got em starin wide-eyed
ba1 ni3 shuang1shou3 Ju3qi3lai2, sky-high
With a pen and a paper I'm more than minimum wages
I get it in like I'm cuttin now I'm usin my razor
Track Name: Ooh It Just Genetic, Girl
0:00 - 0:12

Why yo' eyes so straaaange?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
Why yo' hair so straaaaaight?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
Why yo' eyes so chaaaanky?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
How come yo' sweat ain't stanky?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl

When I'm in the club (in the club) in the club
I be drankin that bub and my face get red
And that fly honey be trippin' like that messin wit her head
I be like girl (ay girl) hey girl how you doin
Any chance we could get down for some voluntary movement?
But she lookin at my face like I'm Jabba the Hutt
What girl, you ain't never seen a Chinese in the club?
And you ain't feelin my hair in a bowl cut or even buzzed?
She say

Why you lactose intoleraaaan'?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
How you get all them scholashiiiips?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
Why you drive so baaaaad?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
You so good at hip-hop daaance?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl

My eye brows are pretty far away from my eyes
After 22 years I thought i'd westernize
Why we all look the same? It must be genetics
like shooting well and the skin of JJ Reddick
My hair grows perpendicular to my skull
My barber'd get hair splinters when he shaved me bald.
don't hit the gym, you got a high metabolism
Blame genetics for why I will never go to prison

It’s just genetic girl, you know DNA
The qualities I’m lookin for you know TNA
I probably can’t play in the NBA
But my seed might be in WNBA
Aye, my pops had a big head big brain
that explain why I also got a big brain
He passed it down, just like big calves
And he thick so that’s why I gotta thick a**

Why yo' face so flaaaaaat?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
Why yo' lips so faaaaaat?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
Why yo' grades so hiiiiiigh?
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
Why yo' skin so yelloooohhhh
Ooh it's just genetics, girl
Track Name: Punchline Rap
Logo socks check the global clock
Shop so much Lauren I need Polo stock
I run laps around these SoHo blocks
Why they try ta play me out like Yo-Yo Ma
Froyo brah, Yogurtland is oh so hah
Pistachio swag get your mojo up
I’m a mogul huh, a young Edison Chen
But I never rock GAP like Lettermans grin
Only snap backs like a leathermans hinge
Cloned human genome on the medical fringe
Now I’ve gone too far, got textbook swag
You’re oddly undersized like netbook bags
I’m Manny Pac with the flow, left hook jab
Freddie Roach in my corner, now ya neck look bad
Blazing krill vegetables, crazed and illegible
Exist in a bubble like an Asian Film Festival
Korean mamis tell me “salanghabnida”
But I’m just trya have a lil salang in mi car
Some dome-o-origato up in my apato
Singing out figaro, lemme get the gato
Hot flow, Chinese people call it shi mao
Cold on this lonely road, we call it shi tiao
Been known to slow my flow ta get my words out
But now we’ve flown the coop so bring the birds out

many beautiful women in the City of Angels
Facebook keeps me fooled with prettiest angles
I like em black white puerto rican or Asian
But more so I just like em single not taken
Ya girls on my twitter, and you can try to boycott
Haters stay salty like Kikkoman soy sauce
I spit sriracha on ya all white Lacoste
I dont' drink Obamas Kool-Aid without the agua
THIS IS SPARTA and that's my mantra
I grew up round white faces like Chinese opera
Your an 02 corrolla and we're 09 Audis
Each line leaves a grill mark and you look like kalbi
They say I must be the hip hop Bobby Lee
you see kevjumba doing comedy yo it's probably me
We still look the same, word to chinky eyelids
But i keep the critics silent like the S in island
Don't stop in front of me, I'm a fire hydrant
We just got here they wrote about us in LA Times and
I'm not cocky I'm just havin fun wit the song
Life ain't perfect but nothing is wrong
Model Minority got bars like a cellular call
You suck, like drinkin boba wit a regular straw

Grand Master Chu
Just jumped on my flight and I'm writing on the plane now
Flyin high tryna be the same level as jay Chou
Flyin air china now I'm high above the clouds
Final fantasy I need my aeris I am cloud
Got the crowd clapping every time I finish rappin
And I do it with a passion even do it when I'm napping
Writing raps on a napkin from panda express
The black and white Mazda that's my panda express
When I'm in the studio I'm HELLA serious
You can call me sung Kang when I'm fast and furious
Since I turned 21 I been a different kind of Asian
I'm a man not a boy in this girls generation
And I've got a lot of patience so I dont mind all the waitin
So it's better luck tomorrow for this ping pong playa//
I use bittorrents to download my media
Then I look it up when I'm using Wikipedia
Droppin rhymes on they heads like rain
And I'm tryna tour the world Doin music like rain
I want every song to stay stuck up in ya brain
And make as much noise as the new year parades
Model minority, Asians we are called that
Ivy league schools man were tryna get up on that
right now my crew got success thats up in our laps
Tryna rush the game real early, Starcraft
Track Name: Why Asians?
Why they assume that I know kung fu?
Why they surprised when they find out, I really did do kung fu?
Why are Asians not black AND not white enough?
Why do privileged people always tell me to lighten up?
Why they tell me to vote but then there's really no choice
Why they tell me to speak but then deny my voice?
Why can guys sleep around but they call girls sluts?
Why they always start the joke with "I'm not racist, but..."//
Why was Two and a Half Men on the air so long?
Why my Model Minority fam so good on the songs?

Why the church growing so fast in immigrant hoods
but the people only readin' White pastors' books?
Why the cast and crew all have Asian names
But the main romantic lead had a caucasian face
Why my girl so fly and my gear so tight?
Why they hatin on a brother that's just tryna get right?
Why'd I take ten years to link wit D-One?
Why they still sellin bullets, to put in the guns?
Why did I go to Yale and then join the church?
Why is Model Minority so good that it hurts?

Why can't a recent college grad get a good job?
Why is Angry birds easy but studying's hard?
Why my friends spend so much money on endo?
Why is the nice guy always stuck in the friend zone?
Why'd I follow my dreams instead of tradition
Why'd do d***bags talk twice as much they listen?
Why are there almost no Asian d***bags ?
If wikipedias false, where do we find truth at?
Why aren't there more Asians in hollywood?
Why isnt' there more asian talent thats good?
Why do we care about a K Town reality show?
not like people won't think we're not nerds anymo
Why is a B+ for us almost unacceptable?
Why is the Asian man seen as anti-sexual?
Why do we learn how to play the violin?
But our parents don't want us to go professional
Why do I always get hit on by old white men?
What makes them think that I might like them?
Why did Connie Cheung have to do us like that?
Why'd I tweet Justin Bieber but he ain't write back?

Why Asians never get casted by Spielberg?
Why don’t they pick Asian dudes for Real World?
Why ain’t we get YouTube when it started?
Why do Asians always fragment the market?
Why do Chinese never have any unity?
Why don’t we speak our parents language more fluently?
Why do Asians really love assimilation?
Why did we lose our culture in one generation?
Why do we struggle to work as hard as our parents?
Why do we no longer see the value of marriage?
Why do they think Asian women are exotic?
Then turn around en say Asian men are demonic?
Why people think we all look the same?
Why Yao Ming en J. Lin shook the game?
Why Margaret Cho get cancelled in ninety six?
There hasn’t been a Asian show since ninety six?
Why don’t Asians have a community leader?
A yellow MLK, an Asian I have a Dreamer
Why do they call us the model minority?
In the world population we’re the largest majority
Track Name: Might Take Time (ft. J9, Ayyye..D!)
They said we'd never make it, we laughed in their faces
Success so close that we can almost taste it
On youtube and your ipod playlist
It might take time but we still got patience

I really never thought that I would be in this game
Asian rapper tryna make a way since thirteen
K-pop wasn't poppin and Jin hadn't dropped
Mountain Brothers was signed but Epik High wasn't in stock
..Got Rice? was the anthem for us
Alan burned it on a CD and we listened on the bus
Now JYP, SM, and YG
Got the charts locked down most definitely
..Carl Choi got his roster filled
Cherrytree signed Far East, that's the deal
It gives me hope that we've come so far
I just want to make music, don't need to be a star
But it's a new generation, star trek
Me and Lil' J on the track, to catch wreck
Who would ever think we'd be an URban threat
Not from Miami, but we might be the best

.Two zero one one A D
Grand Master Chu on the track wit A D
That's my little homey, he really go hard
When he spits them bars haters do a one eighty
Got 'em crazy, the lazy flow
Bass bangin out the sides of ya radio
It's the next generation, I told you so
Got the plays mapped out, X's and O's
And I still got next like ties
Got the squad doin ex-er-cise
Workin out on the track and field
Ain't waitin for a label to offer no deal
So legit, you can go and check the papers
I see your crew catchin' vapors, haters.
So futuristic when I'm on a caper
Phasers, lasers, and even lightsabers

Ayyye D!
What's good, homey?
It's Grand Master Chu, you know what time it is
I know they ain't ready for this (haha)
I'm gonna stand back right now and let you address the audience
I know you sharp, so let 'em know!

Track Name: How You Said It (Alexandra Wallace)
Once I post this up, once I post this up
It's over, girl
Once I post this up, once I post this up
It's over, girl.

You heard me talk talk talk in the library
Guess I stopped stopped stopped your epiphany
Cause I’m callin my address book checkin on my relatives
I think ya need to donate to the tsunami
You’ve probably been ignorant ya whole life
But now you’ve gotta brace yourself & hold tight
Don’t tell me you apologize, soundin like a hollow lie
Show us what you gon’ do, show us what you gon’ do

[CHORUS - D-One]
Once I throw on this ChingChongLingLongTingTong
Whatchu gonna say
You act like you rep
Break it down dicky downdown
Girl dont even play
It’s not what you said but it’s how you said it

I cant expect much from people like you
We rep the same team, red white blue
Wanna impress ya friends, you don't have a clue
That the one place you dont diss us is Youtube
We overreacted, just a little bit
We had to let the idiot know she's an idiot
And I won't even call you a racist
You just ignorant and frustrated
You right, people are raised different
How'd you ruin ya life in just two minutes?
You should apologize, get with an asian guy
Make a video and tell us what its like (tell us what its like)
You probably watch TMZ and read People mag
Whatever's caught on video always seems to last -
Ya webcam made you the sacrificial lamb
Now they'll think twice before sendin to their friends
But I'm kind of glad you we're real about it
Cuz we don't always hear how people feel about us
you're no exception others think the same
Maybe we'll learn something so the people change

[Grand Master Chu]
Girl, there's times in our lives,
sometimes a man just got to be up in his library
cheetos up on his desk, 16 ounce energy drink
On the cell phone
With a whole gang of, Koreans or Taiwanese or somethin

A girl like you, I'd never seen before
A real live lookin extra from the jersey shore
I think I saw you in my poli sci class
Texting your friends and using facebook chat
I thought you kinda cute, but you were never on my map
Then I saw your video and girl you oughta feel bad
Why you gotta blow my spot like that?
I was just tryna find a place for my nap
Track Name: For Japan (You're Not Alone)
In Beijing, the middle of the afternoon

I got a text from my friend who works at the school
Grew up in Tokyo, she moved to the States after
She said please pray there's been a huge disaster
I've been callin my friends, there's no answer
I went online and saw the gchat statuses
.the news reports were more than I could manage
Reading the words, my heart felt damaged
Uh, They described the destruction
Entire neighborhoods lookin like zones of construction
.I can't even start to imagine

Wakin up one day and havin this all happen
For me, the 11th was a regular day
But for thousands of families, their whole life changed
First came the waves, and then followed the flames

Swallowed up the cars and houses, I see the pain
in the stares of the children in the photographs
They lost, mothers and fathers in the aftermath
Confused and praying, God, I need an answer back
Lord, heal the hurt, and get us back on track

Just another day, finished watching the Pac-10
Got a text from a friend said “turn on C-N-N”
Flipped the channel, couldn’t believe my eyes
A huge earthquake caused the seas to rise
We watched in horror, the wave destroyed the whole town
Watched as moving cars n houses were cut down
Surreal as reality had seemed before
The worst natural disaster I seen before
Called my friend in Tokyo, see if she’s alright
She was ok but she’d be up all night
Worrying about her family and friends
And feeling sorrow for those whom today was the end
And I can’t pretend that I know how it feels
But I extend my helping hand know that its real
Keeping Japan in my prayers and thoughts
Hoping I can do my part to help the tears and shock

6:50, zero period, in class
Got the news, broke it to me like it was glass
Japan, ravaged by an earthquake
Just one country, but you felt the whole world shake
And everybody's like, what a shame
And then they go on with their day like nothing's changed
What can I, what can I possibly do
The same thing happened to the philippines, deja' vu
Seeing young little kids no younger than me
Looking for their lost families in the debris
Whole houses swept by the sea
Shocking images (man), hard for me to see
So I'm sayin', keep prayin', conversatin'
Do whatchu can to help this troubled nation
We gotta band together, we gotta stay strong
It always is darker, before the dawn

woke up 'round nine, I was feeling alright
"#PRAYFORJAPAN" -what happened last night?
I can't believe it. Sea sick buildings, crying children
people on the news saying; "They should have been used to this."
I donated what was left on my card
hoping somehow thirty dollars will go far
I've always wanted to go to Japan
someone fly me out so I can lend a helping hand

An island on the pacific, defying all the physics
Layin on the Ring of Fire, the news made me grimace
an earthquake caused by these tectonic plates
Shook the third largest economy and its neighboring states
the fact is, it shifted the earth on it's axis
I couldn't make this up like Hollywood actress
Live footage on my TV, it made me feel uneasy
Watched a moving car get chased down by the tsunami
Saw an entire town get devoured by waves
I couldn't do anything I'm a ocean away
Now there's radiation leak from the nuclear reactors
developed or undeveloped these still are disasters
eight point nine i said eight point nine??
It even moved the boats on the california coast
Such creative people they've helped create hope
Thank God the epicenter was not tokyo... what if it was....
Track Name: Rap Practice [BONUS]
1-2: GM
If u can't keep my name out ya mouth
I go hard in the paint, bring the flame in ya house

3-4: D1
Lewinsky gate, stain on a blouse
You a soldja boy? You bring shame to the South

5-6 - GM
I bring pain in ya house / now Jump Around

7-8 - D1
Attica flow, keep the blade in my mouth
Bear arms like sleeves signed Steve to the Stoute

9-12 - GM
Warhol appliances, we pop toasters
you couldn't see us if you tried to watch closer
hair Black to The Roots, that's How I Got Over
Drunken Master yall flows is stone sober

12-16 - D1
Allen-I singles, yes we cross over
Charlie Sheen winning guess he's not kosher
Nintendo kicks, they all DS
Mami from the DR, raised out in the P-Jexs

17-18 - GM
Model Minority, the gang rides out
I ain't never Run, even in the Rev's House.

19-20 - D1
Even if we heaving straight breathin a lung out
Rockin IV's and VI's leaving the tongue out

20-24 - GM
A. I., T.I., you see, we fly
G M, D 1, ball till we die
Have you missin', they askin "Where's Waldo?"
passed thru the fire but mang we still raw tho'

25-28 - D1
Rawer than Morimoto serving a cut of Totoro
We BAWSE Rick Ross sumthin like Goro fatality on ya torso
Tryin to get the chip cats semi-sweet like morsels,
that's the story but it's lackin a moral/

29-32 - GM
A G7 / so fly we ain't invented yet
I see heaven, and I ain't even deaded yet
a better rapper? I aint never met him yet
Alarm clock rap, wakin heads that shoulda never slept

32-38 - D1
Rapping about rapping, we ain't even meta yet
Pockets chubby lined with some cheddar strips
G7 fly tryin blow like a chemist kit
tryin game the game, tastes like venison
the dougie done graduated up to a douglas
thuggy in my buggy bang a cut in my cutlass/

38 - 42 - GM
bang bang boogie, the gat in my dang hoodie
rat a tat tat is the sound of the pound pulling
The raps is usu'ly pos-i-tive
but sometimes i flip sides, like politics

42 - 46 - D1
‎9mm ill, shoot 9mm film
crime on the mind on the grind now i needa kill
they see the skill, counterstike headshot
% feelin like to me it's real

47 - 50 - GM
White on white, man, all white e'rything
Sweater vest, necktie, all white e'rything
Boat shoes, hair part, all white e'rything
boarding school, trust fund, all white e'rything

50 - 54 - D1
All white Air Force Ones, now Barack's in office...
it's no longer an all white Air Force One
Minorities compose almost half of our Air Force guns
now they're accepting the one minority the Air Force shunned

55 - 56 - GM
GM, D 1, Model Minority
they aint never seen swagger so nice wit such authority
Track Name: Grand Master Chu - BingHongCha/冰红茶 (Red Iced Tea) [BONUS]
When we in the clubs, when we in the streets, when we in the jet
Sippin on that bing hong, got that red bottle
ya feel me?

I said, give me a b-b-bit, of that b-b-b-bing
That bing hong cha, it is the drink of kings
Give me a s-s-sip and let me do my thing
.500 milliliters or a da4 ping1

At the magazine stand or the shopping mart
Seven Eleven, Wu Mei, or the Chaoshifa
Got the Bing hong, grab it up and sip a bit
On the Beijing subway, yes, take a little sip
I know the fly honeys feelin' my swag
When they see that red bottle that sits in my bag
That b-b-b-b-bing, I d-d-do my thing
They got the yellow bottles too but that ain't NUH-thing

Bing hong Cha, bing hong cha
Bing hong, bing hong, bing hong cha

Chorus x1

In the club, you know we keepin' bottles poppin
But it ain't Cristal, no, we got other options
Waiters try to bring me bottle service
If it ain't cold and red it got me feelin' nervous
Take them tea leaves (cha), steep em real good (pao)
Add some sugar in (jia), it tastes real good (hao)
This ain't Nestea (no), this ain't iced tea (no)
This is bing hong cha, we sip it nightly (yup)

Chorus x2

Sip it up, sip it, sip it up (whaaaat?)

Chorus x2