Yung Monk: The Mixtape

by Grand Master Chu

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A well-thumbed holy text in one hand and fresh Jordans tucked underneath worn selvage denim, the brim of his cap shoved roughly to the side... he wanders the world, muttering meditations into the microphone.

Refining his craft since 2001, through high school, four years at Yale University, and since, GMC's music reflects his love of raw lyricism and years of personal contemplation. He walks the tightrope between freshness and materialism, between joy and greed.

His is the voice of a 22nd-century global nomad: finding the space between being firmly grounded and the soaring takeoff into the night sky.

Featuring tracks recorded recently in Beijing, China, and over a four-year period from 2006-2010 at Yale (New Haven, Connecticut) and Newark, Delaware.


released 16 April 2011

All praises due to the Most High: Father, Son, and Spirit.

Thanks to Model Minority, the Bustout fam, Sbazzo/YinEnt, the BroTel boys, Tori, Mo Mo, Ploo, Melloe, J9 the realest lil white girl out, Ayyye...D! whose name i never spell right, my fam, UCW, Lucas Kwong, F@O, The Embassy, Billy Meyers, Ray Park, the Victorious C.H.E.N.G., all the bloggers/writers who have been giving us shine (AngryAsianMan, Oliver Wang, A-Tunes, AngryZenMaster, AsianHipHopTimes, AArisings, ChannelAPA, and many more - THANK YOU), SK, Scopez, Al Rocco, MC NG, Hannah for jumping on the hooks, DK, Angela G(angsta) Yu, Jew Breezy, the big homey 哥们儿 Jie-Song, and so many more...

And to "the fans" - I'm amazed that you exist, thank you.

And 2 Jess who inspired Airplanes, Cafe, and many more.




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Track Name: Airplanes (ft. DK Choi)
I've been flying on an airplane through the night sky
Like a shooting star
I just wish I was home right now,
home right now, home right now

I'm dreaming... dreaming
I'm falling... falling

Verse 1:
How can I catch the ears of America?
Play a stereotype, or a character?
Maybe if I was more what you want
I would have a better chance of standing up in the front
But could I stand that? Well, can I stand this?
Ten years rapping, with no impact
At least I got mentioned on some blogs
Wish that I could tell the whole world to pause
Life's real, my homey's kid had a fever
He was screaming, MY BABY, like Justin Bieber
At the hospital all day, at the end, there was nothing left to say,
Baby passed away.
So I fly on an airplane, and I land somewhere out in LA
Standing in the runway, playing MJ
Watch the sun fall as it fades at the end of the day.


Verse 2:
Seeing three time zones in a single week,
Not even sure what language I oughta speak
And I'm not just talkin reckless
Yellin "Fire!" in a house with no fire exit
Check the seats for attendance
And pay attention to the flight attendants
Watch the windows as we take off,
then watch the clouds wash over the wings as we take off...
Caught between two different homes
I find rest as I silence my cell phone
Wake up like, did I ever even sleep?
Or was the whole long trip just another dream?
Out the window, I'm staring at night lights
As the in-flight movie plays on
Through the long night, am I on the wrong flight?
Should my life have gone left, or did I choose right?

Track Name: I Made It
I look up to the sky
No longer tryna get by
I've waited for my time
I made it, I made it!
We used to dream about, the lives we're living now
I know that theres no doubt.
We made it, We made it!

[Verse 1]
On top of the world with my girl and my tape
Where I'm at, evidence that the lord is great
The way that I'm smilin and I just can't stop
Fresh kicks on my feet and my step got a bop
Try to hold me down but My life is lookin up
Try To drain my glass but I got a full cup
It took a little time but I still got patience
Not there yet but I swear I almost made it

[Verse 2]
I'm so glad that my music has some haters now
Feels like I made it when they try to tear a brother down
They only envy when they think you're on top
So every comment posted is evidence I'm hot
I would rather be loved than not
But at least they heard the music and responded to the drop
Takin the time to type out their comments
While im chillin kickin riddles absolutely content//
It's a feeling that no one can take away
I got it bit by bit like it's laid away
Thankful to the lord cuz he paved the way
And I hear echoes of his voice in the 808s
I feel so good, am I high by mistake?
But you can check the air, not a trace of the haze
natural cause, not a substance in sight
With my stride so wide swagger in the sunlight

[Verse 3]
I'm saying something that they didn't wanna hear
So they respond with fear when I put it in they ears
I got a few fans from the sweat and the tears
And the tracks That I dropped thru the last few years
so put ya hands up if the chorus is right
And you feel like a champ who just won the big fight
We ain't arrogant, we're just tryna be polite
And call it for what it is, life in the limelight
Track Name: Cafe (ft. Melloe)
Intro [0:04]
yeah, girl
It used to be "us"
But now I'm sitting alone with this coffee cup in my hand

Chorus 1 [x1] [0:13]
I'm sittin here thinkin abo-out
A girl that used to live in this to-own
I wonder what you'll do without me
Close your eyes and smell the coffee

Verse 1 - Grand Master Chu [0:31]
Most afternoons after school around two
I come downtown to the place I met you
I don't really like lattes that much
But the coffee dust puts me back in touch
with the way that it felt when I held your hand
And now that you're gone, that's all I have left
I sit at the window pretending to work
Inside, my mind is just watchin us flirt
I loved how the sunshine fell on ya hair
And the way your feet curled up under the chair
Sittin' in the cafe for half a day
Just lettin time pass as we'd drift away
But now the wind's cold, and the sun's still bright
And I feel a little sad without you in my life
Still I'm comin back to this coffee house
Because there's memories of you I just can't let out
Memories that I just can't let go
Feelings for you that I have to show
Memories that I just can't let go
Feelings for you that I have to show

Chorus 2 [x1] [1:18]

Verse 2 - Melloe [1:35-2:12]
16 bars

Chorus 3 [x1] [2:12]

Verse 3 - Back and Forth [2:29]
It's been such a long time since you departed
Why'd we have to end when we'd barely even started
I've spent this whole time havin you on my mind
I smile at the scent of the coffee grinds
Memories of summer and the times we had
With the sun shinin down as I held your hand
My first love, guess it wasn't meant to be
But I'll always think of us at the Coffee Tree

Chorus 4 [x1] [3:05]

Outro [3:25]
Melloe speaks
Track Name: 冰红茶 (Red Iced Tea)
When we in the clubs, when we in the streets, when we in the jet
Sippin on that bing hong, got that red bottle
ya feel me?

I said, give me a b-b-bit, of that b-b-b-bing
That bing hong cha, it is the drink of kings
Give me a s-s-sip and let me do my thing
.500 milliliters or a da4 ping1

At the magazine stand or the shopping mart
Seven Eleven, Wu Mei, or the Chaoshifa
Got the Bing hong, grab it up and sip a bit
On the Beijing subway, yes, take a little sip
I know the fly honeys feelin' my swag
When they see that red bottle that sits in my bag
That b-b-b-b-bing, I d-d-do my thing
They got the yellow bottles too but that ain't NUH-thing

Bing hong Cha, bing hong cha
Bing hong, bing hong, bing hong cha

Chorus x1

In the club, you know we keepin' bottles poppin
But it ain't Cristal, no, we got other options
Waiters try to bring me bottle service
If it ain't cold and red it got me feelin' nervous
Take them tea leaves (cha), steep em real good (pao)
Add some sugar in (jia), it tastes real good (hao)
This ain't Nestea (no), this ain't iced tea (no)
This is bing hong cha, we sip it nightly (yup)

Chorus x2

Sip it up, sip it, sip it up (whaaaat?)

Chorus x2
Track Name: I Need a Savior (ft. Hannah Magee)
You said you heal the broken I need some assis-a-tance
Innocence written and smeared all over with my inner sins
Now I need some medicine, penicillin for penances
Pennin the pages, diagnosis: i lack adrenaline
My responses lack, every day feels like a sedative
Fannin the flames I fed it my rage, and all the menace
And now I'm burned up, I need to get out of this cage
And I'm flippin thru the pages of this Book that you gave
And the sentiments you prayed on the night that you were taken
Feelin' so similar now how could I have been mistaken?
Came into my life, and said that I would be changed
Different from who I used to be back in the ninth grade
And now I really am, thankful my God is benevolent
So here I make a speech like Academy candidates
Thanks to the whole fam - Father, Son, Spirit
Thank you for goin to Hell so I won't wind up in it

I'm about to lose my mind
I need you, I feel I'm running out of time
I need a savior
Are you the savior
I need a savior
To bring me back to life

And I see them with the doubts like Thomas, thinkin
that he's just another twentysomething dealin with some problems
.Unresolved issues with my mother and my father, well
I bear the teenage scars on my wrist, that's a promise
.I wasn't dead, not medically or chemically
or physically but basically I was dying by suffocating on me
Choking down my rage till it got to me
And I would see my face in the mirror and it haunted me
And honestly I'd probably be dead if you hadn't stopped me
I broke my hand I smashed that wall the police came and copped me
.I was a threat to myself and my fam
and I'm just thankful that Tori escaped permanent damage
.And in a room with those walls and no view
And a roommate that smoked and showers I couldn't use
Where food from the outside tasted like heaven
I was baptized from my past life into the present

So here I stand, with my life back, breathin
.I was simple enough that I thought it would be easy
From here on out, now that everything has changed
man I never thought that I would feel the same way again
But the loneliness catches me at unexpected times
When I thought that I was fine, that I had fin'lly arrived
But it turns out, my internal balance was contrived
And my calls get no response and my texts no replies
And I'm tired of all the lies and I want to hear the truth
So I pray 'cuz there ain't no one else that I can turn to
And I'm waitin to hear back, God don't keep me on hold
I'm clinging by a thread to the hope of savin my soul
and it's easy to give in to all the voices that lie
And tell me that I'm all right and I should follow my desires
But I know that the darkness isn't my goal
So I'm clinging and i'm singing asking you to be my hope
Track Name: Model Minority - Battle Hymn of the Tiger Sons
A thousand ways to raise a kid a thousand meanings of success
Let em go, lock em down keep em in during recess
Don't explain the birds and bees don't let em smoke even worse is the trees
Havin boyfriends in the 3rd grade always seemed kinda early to me.
Its hard as an immigrant, cuz they don't always get this s--t
If you don't understand the culture, maybe its best to shelter the kids
But it doesn't matter the technique its all about the execution
As long as when yo kids act bad, there is some sort of retribution
talk about the tiger mom like there ain't a tiger dad
He's more like the lion, dinners ready when he's back
Take that belt or open palm spank yo butt when u acting bad
That's probably why asians generally have no a--
Amy Chua, Amy Tan, I think they're down for the Asian man
Shout out to Maxine Kingston, R.I.P to Iris Chang
It just be in a different way, that's the PC thing to say
Tiger mom and lion dad as a team they run this game

Hey mom, thank you for all you've done
Hey dad, I wish I was a better son
You raised us up, you held us up [x2]
Thank you for all you gave us, thank thank you for all you gave up

One in the air for the mom who's fair
Two in the air for that disappointed glare
Three in the air for a perfect GPA
Four in the air for the parents who care
And not just bout some test scores, homework in the desk drawer
Studying's important, but try knocking on the next door
Ask your child if they're happy, ask your child what is happening
Figure out why they're crying, figure out why they laughing
Our mothers came as immigrants, they can seem so militant
They force us into instruments, then we lose our innocence
Cuz even though we feel guilt, we always end up real skilled
Guess we know the pros and cons of being raised by Tiger Moms
Guess that makes us Tiger Cubs, So come and join the tiger club
If you are a member please go and put ya lighters up

[Grand Master Chu]
I read the interviews, and I saw it in the news
And i read the book reports, seems like people got confused
One Chinese mother raised her kids in a certain way
Now they think that every Asian child is a burdened slave
My parents had particular demands
But they never gave me trouble that I couldn't understand
Went to church Sunday morning, khakis and a red polo
Went to school Monday morning, khakis and a blue polo
I know everything they did in my best interests
Kept me studying and kept me off the internets
My friends had Dreamcast or Playstation
Me, I brought a TI-83 on vacation
But all along, it was done for my good
So I could still complain, but I grew like I should
Thank you, mom and dad, for raising me right
And thank you to the two of you for giving me your lives
Track Name: Yung Monk
When the master's in the building, you ignore the peons
I should be meeting with the L.A.'s and the Lyors
Tryna make music that will last thru the eons
High and Mighty, I'm the Asian Mr. Eon
I'm far beyond the expectations
Sorry I kept you waiting while I took a little detour
Paco said, what I'm doin, I should keep on
So I keep the beat goin nuts like a pecan
How do I meet my goals?
I wanna be Rocky on the steps in his pose
As I rose from the bottom, so shall I rise
Strength not of man took me up the incline
So never mind all the Ching Chong talk
You can see the pride in the way that I walk
Humility's a virtue, so let the haters squawk
I'm just tryna do right and give to God what he wants
Do unto others what I'd do for myself
And let the Lord's grace count as my share of wealth
I changed my dreams like Inception
I'm chasin bigger things in the hope of resurrection

Yung monk
Grand master Chu
What up UCW?

Bustout 4 life

Bustout 走起来!
Model Minority, 走起来!
Grand Master, 走起来!

Oh yeah....

Model minority uuuuuupppppppp
Track Name: Bring Me Down
Yeah, you know
Somedays you know you're sane
And everyone around you looks crazy
But you know if you open your mouth
They just gonna look at you like... like

They say I’m a killer
I feel I’m as high as I can be
No they can't fly as high as me
I can't be no realer
They ain't gon' bring me down
They ain't gon' bring me down
They ain't gon' bring me do-o-own
They say I’m a killer
They ain't gon' bring me down

Demons and devils in disguise, I see them plottin my demise
Cause they hate to see the son of Victor standin with the wise
So they schemin to apply all the tricks, hatred, and lies
They got stored in their supplies, I should not have been surprised
Evicted and lackin money, saw my problems multiply
Some brothers were true to me and I am thankful for those guys
Some cowards ran, guess it's, part of the plan
In the worst situation you can find where you stand
It's a new day, but I'm not playin by the old rules
I feel young but my heart is still old school
I bang the beat thru the speakers in your two seater
If you want to cook it up, you know Grand Master got the heater


They knew I'd be a problem, this rap game swagger
How could that ever match with the soul of a pastor?
I'm done with these fences, I need a new pasture
I won't stay captured in a park like a raptor
They won't ever take me in the dark 'til the rapture
You get one mistake, but you had better learn after
So I keep my eyes wide open when I take a nap
.And I can't even relax when I take a bath
It's unavoidable in the sunniest regions
My heart gets colder, see my soul stop believin
I'm lookin all around me like where's the beef
And I don't smile no more, I just bare my teeth

It's a conundrum - what, where, and how come?
Did I lose my way, or have I found
I know I lose if I let the world get to me
So I unclench my heart, open sesame
It's not easy to bless them and not curse
Especially when all of the stress, just gets worse
If I don't look out for myself, then who will?
Not these parasites that's tryna eat a free meal
But Lord save me from the world and myself
I'm strugglin to stay sane and remain in good health
Wanted to join a gym but I couldn't even afford it
I just need a way to avoid, bein deported

I feel like I could snap at any moment
And they would just laugh at me
Just keep looking at me like I'm some,
some alien, from some other planet
And so I can't give them the satisfaction
so I just pray... that's all I can do...

Almighty Lord, save me... from myself...

Track Name: SKGM (SK + Grand Master Chu) - Chinatown Connect
da digga da / da da da dah dey
We move it from the docks to the boats to the bays
Da digga da/ da da da dah dum
When it comes to the shore they don't care where it's from

Da digga da, da da da dah dey
Move from Shanghai to Beijing to Taipei
Over the Pacific, Califor-ni-yay
Out to LA or San Francisco Bay
We gon' play this game, even walked off the pain
Hustled lyrics for a minute, feelin right as the rain
The verse from Beijing on its way to SK
He gon pass it to the fam in the hood and the esse's
..Keep the track movin once it's cooked up
You know the Chinatown clan: hooked up
So I don't fear my tracks gettin' leaked
'cuz we cake off the bootlegs sold in the streets
It's a diff'rent perspective
and stance

When you know the factory workers firsthand
Chinatown fam and my Chinatown fans
We gon' link like Zelda and get them grands

Another one next week? I got it on jet skis
That fly under surveillance with the pack in the back seat
My people speak wit accents, but I ain't even trippin
Cuz real recognize so my crew stays winnin'
.Since the beginnin' we been chartin the course
Enemies see biscuits, I ain't talkin' the horse
.Really though, I'm not the one for gunplay
Peace to my enemies, I'm rollin' wit SK
Track Name: Tell Em
I'm splitting atoms by spittin at em with written language
got the scriptures so vision vivid from different angles
catch the minds of imprisoned prisoners
movin roman senators even Trojan men at war
couldn't fathom the epic message that we bring to you
from the streets of new York to the sands of Malibu
got the gift of prophecy so my talent is the truth
it's biblical reality I'm spittin in the booth
and its nonfiction so I ain't fixed on fictions
no tales of cocaine or life in prison
..that ain't a diss to nobody's art
I just had a choice to make and I went smart
got knowledge in my head and my heart
and my hands and my feet on the path thru the dark
got my brothers all around me they sharp with the darts
we speak like lightning, thunder, sparks

(Tell em who you be) Grand Master in the house
Came in the game, ain't nobody throw me out
(Tell em where you go) I'm on the path
Did the math, it's my time now

Phil sample

No Sean John, no Sean Paul
when it comes to raps, I'm more John Paul
with the bars I'm apostle Paul
Gospel scrawled on high school walls
when hell freezes like bboy stance
I saw the Christ come down and give mad daps,
razing hell of the hellraisers
i'm like 8 mile meets wildstyle meets Brooke Fraser
[haha] now I'm wildin a bit
At the home studio got the mic in my crib
got the ESV on my hip plus the two-tone
black and white paint colors on the whip.
car twenty years old, it can almost drink,
ever since I seen the light I done start to think
the flashes comin faster now
My passion, written in the sweat of my brow
Track Name: Trapped In My Mind (ft. Scopez)
with no key, i'm trapped in my mind
trapped in my mind, trapped, trapped in my mind

with no key, i'm trapped in my mind
Listen to the beat, bring it back, come, rewind
Certified hustler, check how I signed it
Diploma from the streets, check how I grinded
I'm not scarface, scratch the embellishment
30 Rock, Community, Arrested Development
That's the influences that I partake in
Grand Master Chu, no lies, no fakin
I'm all that I am there's more in the makin'
Tryna get connected in the game like Kevin Bacon
.This is the mind of a real MC
Problems that need more than Dr. Phil, M.D.
Prescripted for some pills that made me feel empty
Forget medication, I'm meditatin' to get free

Wit no key, I'm trapped in my mind
Wit no cheese, I'm trapped in my lines
Runnin thru the mazes and the circles in my mind
There's an easy way out but I've already declined
Among the stacks of books and stale knowledge
I boxed up a beat, shipped it off to the cottage
Turned up the volume and boosted the wattage
Wrote a few lines then returned for the polish
In the coliseum fightin' demons seein' lions
They can, lock my body but my mind remains defiant
I'm tryna find a peace like the charm on a chain
Then I'm always led back to the Spirit again
My mindframe stays focused mentally
Forget what the others see, my vision is heavenly
Wish you could see all the scenes I've seen
But you can't, so I drop a verse and leave it be
Track Name: Bad Verses (ft. Sheemo & Ca$h)
Grand Master, mo fuel for the fire
What makes me stronger would make you retire
Call the ambulance driver, make room for the riders
Make room in the tomb, 'cos they gonna expire
We ride, nobody can stop my flow
Ain't never gon' drop, we lock and load
Hip-hop, that pop, and rock and roll
My pops came over in '74
And my moms came over in '76
And now thirty years later I be selling these hits
Made from tape cassettes to computerized blips
These mp3s ain't never been ripped
And this is why I don't never need to shuffle them bricks
'cos if it ever gets bad I can hustle lyrics
Write a 16 and sell it for whoever to spit
I shine whether mine or somebody else lips
This wit, you could never come and mistake it
Might as well drive to Rome and try to remake it
Or the Great Wall of China, try to replace it
My genes, my swagger, yall could never fake this
We gone

My team, my hustle, our grind, stay fit
Got three bad verses, spit em hard, make a hit
Sell em pa, get a flip, make em all want a bit
Got the rap world ready now to fall in our mitts

Got the rap world ready now this sucka is on top of thee
Quotin my philosophies I know that they be watchin me
My mind stay top of the line like a jockey be
Kinko's flow, they all comin' here to copy me
They watchin where I'm watchin so they copy where my optics be
I'm coppin at the auction so on eBay they be blockin me
It's mockery the raucous way these amateurs be jockin me
Thinkin' that we even like the sides of an Isosceles
The Nikes gum-soled so ain't no way youll be shockin me
The flow don't break so ain't no way to be stoppin me
Poppin up in Hockessin or droppin where my partners be
From New Haven to Beijing we be all over your property
Or possibly Jamaica gettin tan where all the Rastas be
My partners gettin' green and no it's not by eatin' broccoli
My people out in Florida where oceans and the beaches meet
They gettin' out of jail like playin games of that Monopoly
Track Name: 6'7" (Master Version)
Askin for the beat up like I'm rappin with a glass jaw
And I could turn the heat up even when I turn the gas off
If the flow is bad you know it comes from an imposter
I could try to act but I would never win an Oscar
Step up in the studio like settin up a battlezone
Indiana Jones, leave my whip up in the catacombs
You got game, Boy, but you never will advance while
I might catch a loss but I'll face down any man who stands


Do it for the 16-year-old kid that I was back then
For global fans that speak with non-Americanized accents
Do it for the clubs - I'm just kidding, if you ever hear
my song up in a club, call me up and let a brother hear
I be chillin' late night in the apart-a-ment
Wishin that I had two houses like the Parliament
You'd get the joke if you knew the British government
These four bars explain why I'll never make a hit
.I might never catch the ears of Clive Davis
But I'd be happy to just own a lightsaber
..Fillin' reams of blank pages
With verses to last through the ice ages
.I don't mean global warming
but them three cartoon movies that was just a little corny

Give a shout out to my shorty Jessii chillin up in Sac
While some dude up on the chorus sayin somethin in the back he go

Battleaxe assassin slashin syllables for fun
Failed to pass gym cuz my uzi weighs a ton
I mean I Chuck D's at the open mic for fun
But the flavor is exquisite when I'm goin' for my ones
Half the cats hear but they do not really listen
so I been workin on flows get their ears to pay attention
Get they souls to spark a vision set the cancer in remission
The doctors workin overtime to make the first incision
I mean that I'm iller, but those bars was just a filler
While I'm plannin out a Friday set with homeboy from Manila
What up Abz? I be chillin' drinkin' milk with some vanilla
In my studio listnin' to the fif' track on Thriller
And I'm spillin' out the vowels like AEIOU
While my consonants are competent in combat wit your crew
Yall just messin with some snacks, I'm bringin em brain food
So I'm up in the lab while you're cleanin aisle two
Track Name: Bust Out



B U S T O U T Fam x4

No one can touch us, call us the lepers
Green Air Max, same color as bell peppers
We grind over beats that make emcees jealous

Movin' more feet than ten or twelve shepherds
I seen my crew and the game change up
Went from movin bootlegs to that A grade stuff
Now no matter where I roam, I'll be home back again
I could be a millionaire: let me phone up my friends
AT&T to that made in the streets
We connect 'em with the people who really need it for cheap
More than four bars, I am coming through clear
And it's big like the fireworks every New Year
Lucky money in them red bag gifts
Bust Out Streetwear, got the red tags crisp
And the redline denim in effect
Make a heart stop cold [like venom in your neck]
Snapped the chains that were holding us back
Now all we got left is the clothes on our backs
We sell them off
and re-up on the double

Street We Are, now welcome to the hustle

B U S T O U T Fam x3
Track Name: 60
Comin out in the fly s---, the fly whips
got about 200 bars, now how could I miss?
Open eyelids, focused like a iris
Dont needa talk, I be speakin like a mime is
And I could flow over classics with violins
Or in New Haven where all day we hearin sirens
In the violence, there's a lack of options
I'm just prayin that God be watchin all my friends

Take a walk with me, see the world through my lens
Or listen up to me, hear the world through my pen
Haters step to me, try to scuff on my timms
But I deserve it, I'm just payin for my sins
Kung fu see the kicks is nice
Air Force Ones man see the kicks is Nikes, now
I got a fly squad, Polo or that Izod
Go for dolo, take a photo, put it on ya iPod

Bang loud 'bout a nine on ya speakers
Grand Master like a nine millimeter
Won't co-sign but you might buy a feature
Study English and I might be ya teacher
Rapper right now, but I might be a preacher
Call ya homeboys, they unlikely to reach ya
Cell phone found in the weeds under bleachers
In the ground or in a lake, which do you prefer?
Globe trottin, this summer ain't no stoppin
Passport full, these pages ain't got no options
Bust Out t-shirts in full cotton
Straight from the factory how these fools coppin'
In the magazine, the summer line droppin'
So Cool you know that the fam won't go rotten
Runnin round the city, you see these dudes hoppin'
New Haven to Seoul to Beijing, no problem

They gon' say whatever they gon' say
At the end of the day I still cake like gourmet
Ice grill it, I call it the sorbet
Paco sellin' clothes, while rap is my forte

Got 'em re-runnin me like Lucy and Ricky
Planes on the cheap, tickets two hundred fifty
Somethin' of a connoisseur, I am quite picky
For the Nike soles, can't nobody stick me
If you wantin' we could battle right quick
You bring your doggs and I'll bring Mike Vick
Got a legal job, ain't got to scheme and rob
Pullin in the paper we make it we call it easy uhh
These little cats too young, outta my age range
And if they take aim, then I'll pull a name change
Drop my name, weight, and page outta they mainframe
I'm a hurricane while they just a little rain
They try to make it rain, while I try to make a change
I hit the main stage, they just in a lame cage
We run the city, while they movin at the same pace
All these cats Harvey Dent, just tryna save face

J got a flow to make the dough rise
I'm broadband, yall tired like phone lines
We rap honestly and give you the whole nine
Just us man, not worried 'bout co-signs
I'm sick of seein these simple rappers illiterate
They can't start a beef off much less finish it
They talkin' stupid sh-- about startin businesses
Stop using AutoTune, learn to sing a bit
Track Name: Hard in Da Paint (Asian Streets) (ft. MC NG, Al Rocco)



Grand Master

We go hard, spittas
Asian pride two thousand ten

What you know bout it? huh?

We go hard representin Asian streets, fam
What you thinkin, man? We bring you that heat, man!
Every day from Bei3jing1 to Taipei
K.L., Toronto, L.A.

Grand Master, straight outta Beijing!
Doin the main thing, local like Li-Ning
Got 'em beasting, asking who he is
From the street kids to hypebeast sneakerheads
Grew up in the States (states), grew up in the West (west)
Now I'm takin it back to the motherland
Rockin shows, doin music, no cover bands
Snappin' back, stingin' rappers like a rubberband
Hip-hop got 'em shakin' like a wrist watch
Tick tock, when they hear that raw beat drop
They don't understand me, but they feel me
Still I could switch it up and rap in Chinese
普通话,怎么说得这么差? (Pu3tong1hua4 zen3me4 shuo1 de4 zhe4me cha4?)
对不起,我习惯说美国话 (Dui4bu4qi3, wo3 xi2guan4 shuo1 mei2guo2hua4)
我来个你介绍 real spit (Wo3 lai2 gei2 ni3
jie4shao4 real spit)

我来为你做点儿 real shhhhhhhhh (Wo3 lai2 wei4 ni3 zuo4 dian3er real shhhhh)