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Much Love.

by jason chu

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I went on instagram last night after the show saw a comment / Man that Asian kid on stage, he could flow I felt accomplished / that compliment encompassed what I want to be common knowledge About the pros and the cons of my prose But the meaning of these words can be camouflaged, even when it's obvious Or even self-sabotaged, and hidden by the politics But I'm not an institution, this can be my restitution Lettin all my secrets fly before I reach my execution Racin, to the basement, with my pencils and erasers Writin fillin up the papers with the stories I'm retracin I don't call my art creation cuz I'm not creatin nothin Just retelling the lives of my uncles and my cousins my parents and my friends - so these stories have no ends .Real life does not fit into an episode of friends And the vision that surrounds me I just want to share a part Even though pirates might stab it when I open up my heart Sign my letters much love cuz that's what I see at hand Even though the world is drowning I still breathe like Aquaman I don't have a rope to throw you or a place where you can stand But i can jump inside the river, maybe offer you my hand On Twitter last night, I saw a comment from a girl: I've finally found a badass Asian poet in this world. So I'm doin this for her - maybe I'm doing this for you Maybe happy maybe painful, but I'm here to tell, the truth Much Love.
Much Love 05:06
0:13 We are the accidental hipsters slash the Instagramming activists Always talkin work but we're afraid to barely break a sweat Head to Las Vegas on that 737 jet Check our bank balance on the Internet, into debt Is this accurate, the portrait that we paint our therapists? Or does something immaculate lie just behind the back of it? But when advocates try to tackle it, they mangle it Get tangled into accusations, disconnected, discontent They say we don't care, say our generation lacks / always passive, passion lying absent, asking when I'll get MY mansion Acting so impertinent, just stacking cash in banks Hacking, photoshopping, sexting, culture is a blank I'm blacking out, no backing out, you want to know what we're about? I'm rappin at the fashion photoshoot, so listen up THIS is my secret mission, listen to the sequence Behind all the misdemeanors, we're just looking for some, love 1:09 Much love, much love Much love, we just need to be loved Much love, much love Much love, we have so much love 1:17 My friends tellin me they all need some inner healing But they won't go to the church, because they can't stand all the preaching The pastor givin speeches leaves em misrable and sleepy Always speakin bout sin, tryna convince em that they need him What they can't find in religion, they see promised in the club Charging no cover if you're lookin for some love / But undercover, under covers leaves em empty when they come And it's hard to cover up when you're naked as a dove So I'm neither the above - not a pastor, not a dancer Got a message, for the masses, and I'll do it, as a rapper I'm not tryna make you change, I'm just tryna understand And if you want someone to walk with, I got sneakers in my van Because love is impossible if you cannot be flexible I know you want a schedule - but life isn't on demand There's no plan for the healing, if you're dealing with your demons It takes time to see growth from a child into a man 2:10 BREAKDOWN Who here believes the world has enough love? x3 So we're here to give them... Much Love. 2:29 And I know that you've been tired, high and hidin from your clients, Hired out of undergrad or unemployed barely survivin Ridin round to interviews, payin for bills and gas and food Your attitude is at a latitude with veterans with battle wounds The path before you lined with cannibals, they'll eat you if they have to Business in the backroom while the back is where they stab you Half your friends have turned their backs, and you don't know if you can trust the other half who seem to back you til they vanish into dust The plan was to drink until the pain's over You can make it rain but you'll be thirsty when the reign's over You can play the game, but they will play you when the game's over Addicts must view each day as a battle to remain sober You either grow or you die, what will you choose? If you want to gain success - what will you lose? Gotta let go of the past, let your baggage go unchecked Stop focusing on THAT and you can finally find the, rest
0:27 She was born to two parents, immigrants with little left Left a war-torn country full of suffering and death Mom and dad working so hard to pay the bills and pay the rent Barely even spoke the language so at night they went to class Living in a small apartment in a bad part of the town Mom got mugged outside their door, the criminals were never found They slaved away because they saw the promise in tomorrow Hope the generation after would grow up without the sorrow It's finally the time, their child won't wait any longer .Rushing to the clinic in a car they had to borrow Labor lasts all night, they've been laboring all their lives Dad and mom are their new names, not only husband and wife Now she lies there in their arms, new life and they're amazed And the nurse asks for a name - they've prepared for this for days Because her name provides a clue to all the stories on her page It was Grace 1:19 When you're bleeding, when you need it When you fear you're alone I'll be there to wipe the tears off I'll be there to guide you home Just call it grace (oh) Just call my name (oh) 1:45 Now Grace is growing up, as the years are flowing past Mom and dad can't believe, it all happened very fast One second she's a toddler, the next second in class Now she's in the high school, college could be coming next But there's been some other changes in the years that came between Dad is working so hard, he's the one she barely sees Comin in at midnight after he closes up the store Some weeks she only knows he's there because she hears the door So her life at home is tense, she's been fighting with her mom Who always says that she's ungrateful, doesn't get what's going on She says your dad and I worked so hard, you do us wrong When you whine about a car or a new dress to wear to prom But she just wants to fit in - and kids can be so cruel All her clothes are wearing out, they make fun of her at school And she lies awake at night crying for anyone to hear Then she falls asleep in bed and hears a whisper in her ears, saying 3:01 Mom and dad separated, said that it was for the best She just shrugged, but inside she could feel it in her chest And I wanted to help out, but she insisted she was fine And I knew she knew I knew the words were nothing but a lie All her time she spent searching for the dreams she had that died All the things she wanted to believe but didn't dare to try I could see it weigh her down, I just wanted her to fly But her eyes were on the ground, never looking to the sky She was searching for support, and she gave everything a try Dated guys who weren't good to her and started getting high Her body was alive, but her soul barely survived Then one day in her room, she heard a deeper voice inside That said - Grace, you aren't alone, in fact, I've never left your side Been with you every moment, every second you've been mine I'll never leave you, more than that, your future has a plan Because every child has meaning that was shaped by my hand So my sister switched her major and the plans for her career No more mourning for the past, she started caring for her peers And the poor know her by the name our parents gave to her It was Grace
Intro (Talk) 0:00-0:09 When you have that friend you want to be more than a friend It's time to Define The Relationship Also known as: The DTR 0:09-0:27 Chorus I kind of like you but I don't know how you feel about me This could be awkward, how can we approach it naturally? We gotta do the, do the, do the, do the DTR It's time to D, D, D, D, DTR 0:27 We gotta do the, do the, do the, do the DTR It's time to D, D, D, D, DTR 0:37 You've been in small group (together!) Bio lab (together!) In lecture (together!) Ate breakfast (together!) At retreat, you stayed up and talked all night You've given her so many hugs from the side! You like her but you don't know how to flirt Showed your feelings by helping her with her homework Late nights out, you drive her home And she has a special ring on your phone You've asked all your friends and your youth pastor For advice - they say you should just ask her To move forward, you have to take action Don't be that weird friend with a secret attraction (And sometimes, I see you smilin' at me) (But sometimes, you're also smilin' at Andrew Lee!) (Now I'm nervous, and I'm feelin' so anxious inside) (So I'll text you - do you want to grab a meal sometime?) 1:24-1:41 Chorus 1:41 Verse 2 You should dress up, but not too formal Show her it's good, everything is still normal Just a conversation, not really a date It's a date before the date where you ask her on the date It might be awkward when push comes to shove Will you shake her hand - or give her a hug? When she sits down, pull out her chair Let the whole room know, there's a gentleman here! For conversation, here's some tips I'll be givin ya Resist the urge to show off your Bible trivia Don't say "God said you'd complete my life" And don't tell her how your parents think she'd make a cute wife [My heart is beating faster as entrees arrive [I'm tryna look cool, but I'm desperately praying inside [We're making small talk as you go and grab your fork and knife [I spit it out, as you start to take your very first bite] 2:26-2:45 Chorus 2:46 Breakdown Looks like she really didn't expect you to say THAT. She said she thought you were just being a good friend [Girl says:] "I thought you were just being a good friend!" But then you told her: Wait! Hold on. Can you pray about this? [Girl says:] Um… And we'll get together in a little while And see what God has said to us then… [Girl says:] I guess so? OK... 3:04 Chorus out I kind of liked you, but you did not feel the same 'bout me This was so awkward, should have left you at that KFC We coulda d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-did the DTR Why in the world did I think this was a good idea? 02:09 One week later, I'm on facebook and you message me You say you've prayed and we should talk, how bout we get coffee? I've been praying - we should talk. You want to get coffee? It's time to do the, do the, do the, do the DTR Round two of D, D, D, D, DTR We gotta do the, do the, do the, do the DTR It's time to D, D, D, D, DTR We gotta do the, do the, do the, do the DTR It's time to D, D, D, D, DTR [Jason speaks:] I'll see you all next week - good luck.
1/2 speed intro chorus 0:00-0:17 If they try to tear me down? I'll build it right back up If they try to push me out? I can take it, I won't budge That's the kingdom state of mind (i - i) That's the kingdom state of mind Verse 1 0:17 - 0:51 You were labeled as an outcast, you heard that you would not last And even if you finished, that you'd be dead last You didn't dread that, you stayed on the path Ignored all the ill talk, AND you stayed fresh Never stale, never went bad Took two steps forward, never went back, bent back Your hat brim and stepped into the wind Situation that was grim, but you turned it to a, grin Cause they said you couldn't do this You are, too young, too foolish, too stupid But you never gave up, now they're lookin you up Real soon, to catch up, they'll have to Google that This is not a song, it's a dedication To everybody who lives without a reservation When they said you should wait you still went forward You'll have everyone singing along with your chorus Chorus 0:52-1:10 If they try to tear me down? I'll build it right back up If they try to push me out? I can take it, I won't budge That's the kingdom state of mind (i - i) That's the kingdom state of mind Verse 2 1:10 Others had a wishlist - you have a footprint to leave and a thousand years of rain won't ever rinse it You won't convince them to change their conditions But that's OK: your path and theirs are just different Is it instinct? Or conditioning? Or were you given a gift that uplifted? Either way, you didn't do what the others would Not just a diffrent path, a whole other neighborhood Stayed strong even when the naysayers Came around and tried to make you mayday vacate it But life is not a vacation It takes a lot of strength just stayin calm in the crazy So when I say stay fresh, I mean that Not just a slogan that I repeat that This is the lifestyle, fight for it, right now Burnin with that fire even when they turn the LIGHTS out Chorus x2 Spoken Outro I see you in the dark, [and] you're glowing And that flame, they'll never blow it out You're a fire, you're a fire Growin' brighter everyday - every day
04: Dear mom and dad Dear mom and dad 0:10 Mom & daddy I haven't made it but for the last 2 weeks they've been flying me all around and I've been rappin on these stages And the feeling is amazing .I hope excitement is contagious I'm writing this letter hopin you savor just how outrageous my life has become Look how they look at your son Look at how when I pick up a mic I'll be speakin to them Look how they write about Sometimes get excited about Sometimes I'll get invited to a place I don't know about But they might have heard of your kid In fact, they most probably did On Youtube or bluetooth speakers or word of the mouth So it's been a couple of years since I've gotten out of the house But I hope you know that the way you raised me pretty much turned out //I won't tell you to not worry, I know that you must //Just know that things will be fine, that's a promise you can trust But the drive to go is the blood that pumps in my heart and my guts So I sign my letters with love, but you gotta give me to God //Everytime I lift up and the plane takes off //Just trust this is the way that my brain wakes up I'm tryna wake up a generation caked up with hesitation Make up won't ever hide it, neither will the medication Neither will a demonstration, I just have to live it out and if my songs don't move them maybe my life will be what they speak about In the midst of the desperation, I've been aching for our nation Prayin (prayin) hopin we find our way up out the basement They're racist, sayin' we only do calculus and calculations But I defy that - just like you raised me to do //Until our people all are free I'm yellin freedom from the roof Until our people all are free I'm yellin freedom from the roof //Until our people all are free I'm yellin freedom from the roof!!! Until our people all are seen as equal I will speak the truth The truth ... Dear mom and dad Dear mom and dad x2 repeat til fade
Intro (0:08-0:18) Wounds heal but this never does That's cause you're at war with, love You're at war with, love, yeah Hook (0:18-0:30) These battle scars, don't look like they're fading Don't look like they're ever going away They ain't never gonna change These battle... Verse 1 (0:30-1:05) Ah, you used to be so bright-eyed Sincere with your interests and your insights I used to see the light pouring out of you Now it's like it's getting late and there's a different point of view Can't even keep your head up, but you ain't dead - wait I know it seems like the world is dead weight Pressing down on you to stamp you out, and this is not the Clone Wars But you're fighting your, self Every time you gave your love, it didn't come back And I know it hurt you bad, like a Heart Attack But life ain't Trey Songz, or even Marvin Gaye songs And hope doesn't only walk in Gotham with a cape on Bridge (1:05 - 1:25) I wish I never looked, I wish I never touched I wish that I could stop loving you so much Cause I'm the only one that's trying to keep us together When all of the signs say that I should do better I wish you weren't the best, the best I ever had I wish that the good outweighed the bad Cause it'll never be over, until you tell me it's over Hook (1:26 - 1:50) Verse 2 (1:50 - 2:25) Ah, I heard about it in the rumor mill They said that beauty is dead, and someone had her killed They replaced her with fake implants A publicist, speech coach, and blue contact lenses Her name was cynicism, you could call her sin Her sarcastic tone of voice made the boys all grin But behind her back, the boys and the girls all cringed Because her scars still showed when her makeup wore, thin So we missed the love we once had Her face on the side of milk cartons in lunch bags Saying have you seen me? I was taken away There's a reward if you call in and find me today Hook (2:25 - 2:49) Bridge 2 (2:50 - 3:23) Cause you've set me on fire I've never felt so alive, yeah You hope the wound heals, but it never does That's cause you're at war with, love And I'm at the point of breaking And it's impossible to shake it You hoped the wound would heal, but it never does That's cause you're at war with, love Hope it heals, but it never does That's cause you're at war with, love! you're at war with, love! you're at war with, love! Verse 3 (3:23) You looked for love in all the wrong places Went from exclamation marks to all lower cases Shell casings scattered in your location You used to make love, now you settle for masturbation You once thought that you were strong enough but you don't have be strong to love I mean, you have to be strong enough But when you fail and you fall that's EXACTLY when love CAN lift you up Thank God you're still breathing - you still survive Cuz you were lost without your maps like the iPhone 5 Now you can get back up and give it one more try Its hard to heal - but even dead men can rise Hook (3:50 - 4:08)
She Called 03:47
phone call intro 0:22 VERSE 1 After sex, we still prayed for the lord's wishes I know the lord witnessed what we did in the kitchen I swear to god I didn't mean to be sinning When I saw her standing there with her hands full of dishes If you ask me? I haven't asked for forgiveness They say that sin traps you like a prison well but I'm still feelin free - are my feelings just mistooken? Or we did nothin wrong - maybe foolish but not crooked I pray that my girl feels loved and not used What we did in the pool was love not abuse But I know that my heart does not love the truth May be hidin from the light like a moth that's confused My conscience isn't pricked by what I did with my (time) Condemnation doesn't stick - am I losing my mind? I don't mind - maybe I could ride around like it's fine But my girl has a baby and signs say that it's mine 1:06 She texted during lunch, said she had something to say I said [baby, can you wait? I got a lot here on my plate] But she said she really needed me, I called her back And I heard her say, [baby I think I'm late.] 1:27 VERSE 2 I know god can use this The same way that Judas kissed Christ And turned him to a movement of the lords ways, i consider me a student Bs on my card least I'm not totally stupid But my girl missed her period So that's the answer to the jokers out there: this is why it's so serious Only 21, twenties barely have begun Now a mother and a wife is what she's going to become Like she's staring in a gun and I feel it in my gut Evry life is a blessing - whether daughter or a son but I never planned to bring a child into such a crunch When she says she might miscarry, I don't even lose my lunch .Oh God, forgive my iniquity Viewing life like an undesired sentencing It's not right but I feel so confused [My girl might lose our baby, I don't know what I should do] 1:06 She texted me at home, she was feeling very sick I said [baby, what's going on? I can be there very quick] She said she'd be all right, but she was acting very strange And I heard her say, [the baby might not be OK] 1:27 VERSE 3 Now I'm feeling some complex emotions Half wanting to run, half filled with devotion Half so afraid, half ready to begin Wasn't thinking of proposing - now we're dealing with a kid What are we to do? I've got work, you've got school But a single mother's life can be so cruel And I won't ever let them see you that way I won't let them see you even for a second as a shame So I'm browsing eBay for a wedding ring Getting ready to settle down and give her everything We had other plans - but I'm a man, I won't run away Baby, I promise - I'll give you everything Started to plan for the wedding we would have So young, but maybe we could make something to last One last text - 7 words to the brain It's a miscarriage. I love you. J. OUTRO CHORUS She texted late at night, said she'd been hurtin all day And her stomach felt wrong, is the baby still OK? She said she really needed me, I called her right then We were together the minute that it ended phone call outro
Peter 03:50
VERSE 1 Peter goes to first Presbyterian says his prayers Prays for his parents cuz Satan doesn't play fair When he walks down the street nobody stops or stares All American boy is what he seems to his neighbors His parents raised him to love and obey God He goes to church every week just to praise God Boy Scouts, summer camps, got a summer job Worked hard, bought a car, high school prom Not a jock or a nerd, he's in both circles Plays guitar a little bit - the girls think he's soulful Always helpful - friendly - considerate His friends know they could trust him with anything But can the same be said for them? Because Peter has a secret that he's keepin in Began to wonder why he's never had a real girlfriend Started to realize he's actually attracted, to men CHORUS He has, questions for God, without easy answers; and, sometimes he wonders - what if God's just a cancer? He, waits for faith to replace the doubt And wonders if he'll ever get it worked out. VERSE 2 In the beginning, he didn't admit it, even to himself Tried to hide it, he wouldn't confide in anybody else Watched some porn on the internet, he tried to get aroused Couldn't do it, it was stupid, so he tried to shut it out Tried to reason with himself - always heard it was a choice So he tried to choose diffrent, and just BE, one of the boys Hanging out after practice, hearing jokes about fags coming out, and in his eyes there was a little hint of doubt Doesn't know how he should act - he's never known a gay person in his whole life, does he have to wear a dress? Psychologically a mess, 'cause his psyche is repressed He always heard it was a sin to be attracted to a man He's confused - he really didn't ask for this life All his life, he prayed one day he'd find a Godly wife But those dreams seem distant and he wonders what he did Why him - why this - God, do you still listen, in? VERSE 3 So he sits in the church on Sunday He toys with the idea - could it all just go away? Maybe if I don't act on it then I could find escape Maybe things will all change if I just keep on praying .And he wonders if he'll ever find love So he cries out to God - are you listening above? This is who I am, I don't know if I can change it But I'm here to listen if you're speaking in my language? Now he notices, every single time someone mentions homosexuality like it's a crime So many sermons that he hears just drive him away But he knows "God is love" - so he clings to his, faith Peter goes to first Presbyterian, still saying prayers He prays for his parents - Satan doesn't play fair When he walks down the street, nobody stops or stares All-American boy is what he seems to his neighbors.
0:11 The visor gives shade as the driveway fades Reminiscin on the days when I was a little craze They were stalled, checked out, while I opened new lanes They were smellin the flowers, I was sellin bouquets Now I listen: Lupe, playin that new Drake New Kendrick Lamar, new Jin mixtape Many Christians, missionaries makin mistakes left a sour taste in mouth, now I need a new fra-grance And I need some more patience I'm waitin on my day, writin songs like Amadeus sittin itchin to create, sittin, waitin for my fate already written on my face (already written on my face) 'Cuz they say your future's written by decisions that you make In your high school age or your college-going days I'm tired of overanalyzing things I cannot change So I'm riding down the highway playing songs I didn't, make 0:56 Just listen let the world breeze by Pull your sleeves up, roll down the windows This is just what I've seen in my life What you're hearing is what I've experienced 1:18 So I breeze past quickly in the left lane Playin that left brain, bangin in my left brain When I went back, man, barely recognized it High school memories have very big surprises We used to skip class in the hot dog store Now it's all closed up, we don't hang there no more Someone scratched up my door, oh well, that's life Hit the signal to my left but I turned out all right I used to have a fantasy of driving through the night I could be in Boston by the break of first daylight Had an old girlfriend whose mom lived out in the burbs Dated one long summer fumbling under her shirt .But the streets that I'm takin never go there So even in my memories, I rarely ever go there It's not that I don't care, but life moves on And memories live on in the past - and in songs 2:02 Chorus x2
Chorus I've traveled so far, but I'm always coming back to you I've wandered so far, but I'm always coming back again I've been out to see the world A million other different places But none of them compares to when I'm back with you Verse 1 She left for college at the end of the summer Kissed her momma goodbye, said that she'd always remember Advice they gave her and the way that they had raised her She wouldn't end up like the stories in the paper She packed up her room, put her childhood in a bag The bag in the trunk of the car she got from dad Out her driveway, and she's on the way to school Whole new situation with a whole new batch of rules She didn't want to party cuz she's on the straight and narrow But a guy in freshman English has the wit of Clarence Darrow Not a party girl, but she's honestly attracted He asks her on a date, and she skips piano practice They get serious - she took sex education but condoms can fail; now she's missing menstruation Small town girl, and she's out of her zone She calls mom and dad and says - please, take me home. Chorus Verse 2 He was a soldier who didn't want to kill He signed up for the service because of all his bills Married at 20 to his high school girl No college diploma, minimum wage world Plus a baby on the way, and it caused more drama Cuz he barely made the rent - now he's blaming Obama Ten years ago, he'd be angry at Bush The pressure's all around him, now he's feeling the push He signed for the service and the guaranteed money Wasn't really sure what he'd be doing for the army Now he's in a place that he's barely even heard named Waving guns at kids that look like they're in the third grade He's on patrol one day, and it turns grey He wakes up in a bed without his legs But there's a message waiting on his phone It's his wife, she says - honey, I'm waiting for you at home Verse 3 A little town, stuck away from the city Living life there as a teenager was not so very pretty Spending summers at the beach and spending weekends at the mall Anything we could just to get away from it all We thought we had it figured out, we thought we knew it all Racing cars at night, cuz our lives felt like they're stalled High school classes, cliques, and the locker room stalls Crushes, rumors, romances, just to top it all off I thought that I would leave and escape from my past Little did I know how difficult it would be on that path I'd stay awake at night, in my room in the basement as I wondered how my friends were that I left at graduation Has it really been that long since I went back to that town? My hand turned the doorknob in front of my old house? It's been a couple years that I've been out here on the road But I know eventually - I'll make my way back home. Chorus
VERSE 1 In a land of a billion what's a few hundred million? Empty buildings, cement on the ceilings Cut the lifeline and left a population reeling Breaking off the future without thinking of the children I heard a girl cry, saw a boy laugh Saw the future turn white in a camera flash As the camera snaps, it all blows past No more light now, it's growin all black See the future but can't make it change So I say my prayers for those who aren't of age As behind closed eyes I see the unmarked graves And I, try to smile, but my expression's - changed What will they do with the playgrounds When the ones who used to play there don't come round And there's no one to replace them A generation crying out because we couldn't save them Who will wash them, who will bathe them? Commemorate them in their last days? And in a mother's eyes, and a father's face I glimpse a painting that was left untraced CHORUS 1 What about your deepest feelings? What about your broken heart? What about someone who's there When everything else falls apart? A true brother, a true sister Is there with a helping hand When you cry, you'll find my shoulder When you need me, I'll be there One child, one child One child might be a king One child, one child She could be everything VERSE 2 Top university with big dreams The best school in the country was in Beijing She was smart with a bright future - He had a smile like hers and caring eyes, that looked right through her Cold winter, but he made her warm So when he asked her out she texted right back - sure Her roommates all teased her When his picture showed up on her phone screensaver Same classes, the same major Together all day from 6 AM until he made her Go home to sleep, and in her dreams She didn't count sheep, she saw him as her savior Their first kiss in a corner of the campus His lips were untrained but she taught him manners At three months, they had a special date Rented a hotel room with the money he had saved her At four months, it turns out she's late They both knew that the moment had sealed their fate A pregnant woman can't run the rat race It was done in three hours on a Saturday, ay CHORUS 2 VERSE 3 Married in the fall; pregnant by the spring Their future was as bright as the diamond on her ring By the summer it was clear that the winter would bring Another life into their family, that's what they had dreamed The new year brought a new life into the world A new generation, a little baby girl Finally, they felt so complete Named her faith: their future, made concrete Mom went back to work, dad taught his class Grandma watched the child while grandpa took a nap But in their hearts, they felt a hole Next to little baby faith where another should go But the law said one child is all they need More than that is unpatriotic indeed Another child means paying steep taxes and fees And they were told: it's just one more mouth to feed .So when her belly gets large again The moment should be joyful but it's hard on them In their own family, they don't have a voice Because the law says the country doesn't have a choice
I promise to tell our stories even if I starve tryin Rather be poor and truthful than rich and always lyin I get asked - WHY use your education to do rap? I reply - why use YOURS to just make MONEY for a BANK? Comfort is the opposite of change And I'll be damned if I ever let my inner fears get in the way Of the message I've been given - I am no longer afraid No longer a slave to wages, I've been waging war on shame Because they tried to shut us up, pretend we had nothing to say As if the stories of my parents will go with them to their graves But I can't take that - So take this, take my chances - take a stance against the factions that give silence for an answer So I'm antsy, anxious, angsty asking when we'll get our chances When the faces seen on TV are chosen at anything but random You can't wait for them to hand you anything, you have to make it Plant your own garden, water, harvest, clean and pack and crate it Why be waiting for a spaceship that will never ever land? When the world is all around you and it's waiting for your hand? Why be waiting for a spaceship that will never be realistic? When the world is all around you and it's waiting for you sister Why be waiting for a spaceship that will never ever come? Why be waiting for a spaceship that will never ever come? Why you waiting for a spaceship that will never ever come? I'm not waiting for a spaceship - I'm flying straight up towards the sun Much Love. Volume one.


An exploration of all the places and ways that we look for love - and how we find, or fail at it.

Watch MUCH LOVE on YouTube: youtu.be/qqKifru9YnE
Watch GRACE: youtu.be/0NPaOJUwTTc
Watch DTR: THE MUSIC VIDEO: youtu.be/EZFiEjET_8M


released November 30, 2012

Inspired by Faith, Hope, and Love.

MANY thanks to Jessika Z., David and Andrew Fung, GlobalGentEnt, Dan and Rachel Mark, Cindy Lu, Ray Lin, Ken Fong, Tom Steers, EBCLA, the Miracle Mile fam, Phil Chan, & my family - Mom, Dad, and Tori.

Writing, rapping, additional singing by jason chu.
Singing by Kevin Lien, Priscilla Liang, Joe Kye, and Eva Li.
Additional vocals by Mai-Linh Nguyen, Cindy Lu, and Jerry Zhang.

Tracks 2, 5, and 9 produced by Elyon Beats
Tracks 6, 10, and 11 produced by Bent Lorentz
Vocal production, mixing, and mastering by Elyon Beats, Kevin Lien, and jason chu. Additional engineering by Andy Chian Chen.
Art direction by Janice Chau
Photography by Ken Fong and Janice Chau




jason chu Los Angeles, California

Speaking hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.


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