Beverly Hills (ft. Peter Su)

from by jason chu

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I met up with a friend I used to know in university,
He’s gettin money, got portfolio diversity, I planned to grill him cuz his stake is shakin out so comfortably
But he speaks first, HE’s jealous of the life I lead (What?)
This must be irony; I’m dreaming of what money brings, he envies me for bein free
I only see what he makes: salary
He spends that on what I make: chasin dreams.
I left feelin validated personally, realizin what pursuin music’s really worth to me
He’s caught up in a net, I’m surfin on another stream
Tech start up six figure cash don’t help him sleep:
So he keeps, Xanax, always in reach
But high walls can be breached by a small leak
Locks on the door don’t make you feel more secure
He said: “I miss what I had before”

Used to dream about Beverly Hills
Gold on the streets
The stars in reach

Used to dream about Beverly Hills
Now I’m free
Rather do me

I remember playin at Sean’s place with GI Joes, walked in his livin room my eyes were like where’d you get THOSE?
He had the battleship that cost more than my clothes
So money took a foothold on my little soul
In high school, I sold DVD’s we burned
College, I attended, that degree I need to earn
So that degree could help me search for my goal:
Gettin work, so I could kill myself to make a livin, funny how it works
It never let up, I thought that cash makes it better
but it’s just expensive paper for a suicide letter
But I get it: we lack it, we want it, we get it with debit -
regret it, return it, forget it
Repetitive motion, we’re afraid to stall out
Spend our lives for a check, never checkin our self
It took me twenty years to work it all out;
If you’re miserable poor, you won’t be happy with wealth.

Money. Men kill men cuz they want it
Money. The less you have, the more you think of it
Money. The root of all evil if you love it
The messes we get in just to pretend we got it
But hold up, I remember brother on the street
Asked me for a dollar fifty three for Mickey D’s
All the wisdom in the world couldn’t feed or cover feet
Suddenly, my philosophy was just an empty tweet
I wrote about it easily, sittin at my desk
Macbook plugged in, iPhone at rest
But when words are tested, I’m selfish as any man
So you tell me: was it money put these problems in my chest?
.I give power to the things I love
Money, clothes, bodies, status, God above
And as I wrote this song, I had to pause to self-reflect
How can I speak on greed when I don’t love my fellow man? ah!


from Arrivals, released September 2, 2016
Produced by Joe Kye
Engineered by Sean Stack
Written and performed by jason chu and Peter Su




jason chu Los Angeles, California

Speaking hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.


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