Going Home

from by jason chu

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That feeling of stepping off the plane into a life you once lived


Got a ticket for a bus and a plane
Twenty hours later and I'm back home again
Stay for a night, I'm already on the road
But momma knows that I'm always headed home

They say, you can't go home again
I just hit the airport and I phoned a friend, I said
Steve come meet me in midtown
I just got off the flight I'm ready to get down
holla at our people and let's all have a sitdown
I been out of the country for more than a bit now,
Call Lucas Kwong, let him know that I touched down,
hold up, I gotta get up on this bus now - click
Wearin gear that's Bustout, that's family
My Nai-Nai live in DC, that's granny.
All my life movin straight forward, no plan B
The hope is the first Asian rap grammy.
[Haha] Grand central station
Ten dollar metrocard, I got back some change
Union Square by way of the 6 train
I think I'm home, but gosh it feels strange

I feel right when I hit the streets
I got twenty-some texts and I'm here for a week, man
Tryna get down with the crew around town
I don't move weight, but I get mad pounds
I mean daps as I stroll down Elm
York Street, Orange, Chapel, Crown
What up, Sheemo? Homey, I met Premo
In Beijing - the scene is crazy, you should see, yo
Keep doin ya thing, I'm right wit'chu
Runnin the streets of China, like gym shoes
The whole crew still crazy, got issues
Whether you sneeze or not: God Bless You
The air's crisp, so I'm coughin a bit
My girl hits my cell, so we talk for a bit, then
It's back to the pad with her voice in my ear
The sun on my back, man, it's good to be here

I drove all night with the moon in my rearview
Mem'ries so vivid that I see em with a clear view
Got to the house around twelve o'clock
The Christmas lights up around the block
Homecoming, without the football
The places I played when I was just a foot tall
The photographs, on albums' pages
I look at them but it's the life of a stranger
Evrytime, I remain for a little less
Old friendships move into shallow depths
We catch up for a day at a time
Then I'm off on an airplane into the sky
And I wonder if my mom is surprised
Or did she always know that I would one day fly?
This is my music, these are my eyes
These are my journeys and this is my life


from Goodbye, Beijing., released April 21, 2012
Produced by Bent




jason chu Los Angeles, California

Speaking hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.


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