Prince of Beijing

from by jason chu



first song recorded in Beijing. YINTS'ANG WHAT UP!


Stalkin the streets talking while i'm boxin the beats
Let my thoughts lock n load block rockin mystique
Reapin the heat, every evenin readin lyrical sheets
Speakin decrees that impeach emcees at they peak
I been empowered past my boundaries to leap at the heap
King of the Hill chillin' still in full effect in concrete
I been hungry, feastin weekends on the beasts that creep
Leavin deathless enemies deceased / Or in grievous need
Of PCP or even THC
Prescribed by men with PHDs, I N D E P
END to the E N T
Bust Out is the G O A T
Much respect to Sbazzo, that's the K to the I N G
The streets fiend for Yin'tsang, the Beijing OG's
Grand Master plastered rhymes over venomous beats
Prince of Beijing who gon want it with me? Peace

Promised myself that I would chill on that aggressiveness
The problem is, you still ain't seen the best of it
My message is that anybody hatin is a pessimist
They prali thought that Illmatic just needed some more guests in it
Expressin thoughts in sentences that leave faces expressionless
Amazin on the [page], my messages could go to Make a Wish
In other words, I'm sick, you go and find him on a patient list
Achin, takin days to heal, you cannot think I'm fakin this
Set the bait, they takin it, I'm takin over, makin hits
I don't mean toppin charts, I mean my lyrics on that Vegas tip
That lil kid poppin Omar in the spot on a bodega trip
Sic em, sit em down, set em up, and shut em down, blaow
[Now] I ain't sayin I'm the king because I'm not
I'm just here to get hype up on the mic and rock the spot
But if you got a buddy who be thinkin that his pen is kinda nice
I'm here to tell your little friend that it is not. (hahaha)

(Grand Master) Prince of Beijing up in the house
Chillin on the throne like I'm on the couch
(Bust Out) My whole fam still got my back
With Sbazzo, Yin'tsang on that track, yea

So what do I mean when I say that I'm the prince?
I mean that I'm the illest with the syllables, killin a million flows
I didn't ever wanna be about a cent
So I took an artistic hiatus, 3 months later, hi haters
I don't wanna make your crew get all upset
I'm just sayin my brain be painting in living colors like Damon Wayons
Why do I claim Beijing when I'm from the West?
Tupac was from Baltimore but still he claimed like Cali was his set
There's never been as, much of a menace in a single sentence
Since I, got the pennant for murderin instrumentals
I been it, I done it, I said it, I set it off again
Been hustlin marks who find a friend and bet it all on them
There ain't no better bet than him, I'm breezier than the wind
I'm a sure thing like taxes and death comin after them
I been mental, since dental hygienists drilled my brain stem
How many yall are made men? I look at you and break wind


from Goodbye, Beijing., released April 21, 2012
Produced, mixed & mastered by Sbazzo of YinEnt




jason chu Los Angeles, California

Speaking hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.


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