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Splash (prod. Mio Soul)

from Splash! by jason chu



I'm Asian, I hustle, ain't none of this subtle

Happy holidays. Bye 2020.


[Verse 1]
Aim for the top, but I know my position
So I just keep playin the cards in my hand
I was a youngun I moved to the city
I didn't have any family friends
I didn't have any label around me
Had no other choice but be independent
Now when they look at me there aint no shook in me
Weathered the storm and I paid all my rent
Yall thirsty, chasin clout
I was hungry, I needed the trout
We both drip but it's different amounts
I know how to sail even when it's a drought
Pacquiao, betta gimme a bout
After the bout Imma get a new belt
Go up a weight level to an insane level
Over 9000 your scouter can't count

I heard it's a drought x3
I heard we gon splash

[Verse 2]
GPS to the bag
Shoot me a DM you talkin that cash
Send a deposit I take all the profit and split it in half so I'm payin my staff
Built a career just the way that I live
Build a foundation for all of the kids
Ray told me keep goin in
And see how respect will pay out dividends
Talkin so militant but I move humble
Standin 5'6" but my spirit Mutumbo
Talkin with Khai yea I learn from the muscle
I'm ready to scrap yea I'm ready to tussle
Nice with the raps its just part of the puzzle
I'm Asian, I hustle, ain't none of this subtle
Put me on blast it's not fuck me it's fuck you
I like to keep peace but I learned from the struggle



from Splash!, released December 22, 2020
Lyrics+Vocals by jason chu (@jasonchumusic)
Music by Mio Soul (@iammiosoul)
Mix+Master by Joseph "HD" D'Ottavi (@hdstudios954)
Cover by Tinhua (@tinhua__)




jason chu Los Angeles, California

Speaking hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.


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