The Love (ft. FUZZY)

from by jason chu

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I never flew out on no Concord, no flu game, no encore
Sixteen in the suburbs, my life was more like real bored
Loner into hip-hop, I found friends on message boards, no Flight Club near my home,
I hit New York to buy Air Force
Ones with the gum bottoms, I wore em home the only one
in my school who got them, went to rap show new homies askin where did you cop them?
I felt so lucky, dunks on feet, before the Jeremy Scotts, pigeons put wings on me
Our crew, we grew to 10 deep, dressed in 10 Deep
Saved checks for ten weeks, to Nike check feet
Couldn’t sleep, when the Tiffanies dropped, one to rock, one pair deadstock
Line that stretched, around the block, they called the cops, but still we copped
Over there, Chinese kids put blood and sweat and tears in it
Just so over here, a Chinese kid could sweat and bleed for it
But still, I rock those III’s at least once or twice a week
Because the memories I got are often tied around my, feet

I don’t want hate around me, you just don’t speak my tongue
And when my heart is hungry, I
Do it for the love
For the love
I don’t want to lose my soul, please don’t stop
Pumpin in my veins when I take those shots
I do it for the love
For the love

The logos in those boxes had us thinkin out of the box
Copped One 2 3 for five bills cuz that 6 rings wasn’t hot
It was never about stuntin, we love the culture most
Resellers get cuts for the new drops, you sell shoes but can’t buy soul, and
This is not product, it’s culture, those Jordan 8 Aquas
Like agua our thirst was to be proper, just cop some
Just do it, that swoosh loosened tongues
Opened doors, talked to new girls, made new homies NikeTalk, and the
Kick shop was our other home, kicked game, we copped clothes
Learned there, lived there, we planted up, we got grown
My teachers always told me, I should shoot for the sky
Between you and I, we believed those kicks could make us, fly

They see the hype, the swoosh, the knit, the boost
The ads, the shootings, and they think that it’s just shoes
And they wonder why these kids drop four bills on their new boots
Keep the sweatshops in business while corporate recoups
But we know the secret, Supreme heads in Visvim
Since ‘Lo Lifes to RUN-DMC rockin Adidas
Profit designed it, but that’s just the basics
The culture, the love here, we’re the ones that made this.


from Arrivals, released September 2, 2016
Produced by Joe Kye.
Engineered by Sean Stack at Fat Cat Studio (Sacramento)
Written and performed by jason chu, FUZZY (Erin Kim), Joe Kye.




jason chu Los Angeles, California

Speaking hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.


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