Throw an Egg On It

from by jason chu



we were out eating and i had to make a tribute to the flyest food additive in China... no, THE WORLD


what's up
we were out eatin tonight
and I just had to let you know
add that one last thing... and it makes perfect

Chinese people eatin things
Noodles rice and chicken wings
Fry it eat it add a drink
Just ordered dumplings
Throw an egg on that fish!
Just ordered jian bing
Throw an egg on that dish!
Just ordered something

Chinese people eatin things noodles rice and chicken wings
Go out to the chuanr spot, eatin lamb non stop
Add an egg on top, crack it in the hot pot
Wipin my fingers, grease drippin on my all stars
Stir it up with chop sticks, throw some d's remix
Chop it up and stir fry it and add a little beef tips
Eatin that street food Chinese love that cheap food
Grab an egg and soy sauce, and add it to some beef stew
Broccoli and bok Choy even try some beet root
Cook it on a flat stone or wok that's how we do
Add it to some ramen, just don't eat it raw
Add some cheese too if you really wanna ball

Chorus 2

Pork, beef, fish, chicken, little meatballs
A lot of different animals and I eat em all
When I had braces, the food got stuck
Now it's mushu pork all day and Beijing duck
Model Minority my crew's in LA
You can catch them in the S G V all day
At Chinese buffets in little strip malls
Or at Din Tai Fung when we really wanna ball
Get it hot and spicy or bland as you like it
It might look odd but you know you gotta try it
Whether you're an athlete or even on a diet
It costs a little more but you know you gotta buy it

Chorus 3

Got some fried rice? (throw an egg on it!)
Got some instant noodles? (throw an egg on it!)
Got some hot pot? (throw an egg on it!)
Got a hamburger? (throw an egg on it!)

Chorus 4


from Goodbye, Beijing., released April 21, 2012
Additional vocals by Kyle Foster




jason chu Los Angeles, California

Speaking hope, healing, and justice in a broken world.


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